Help children with ADHD overcome learning challenges
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School Rules! ADDitude's ADHD & Learning Guide
How to Remove Hurdles to Writing for Students with ADHD
When Writing Is Painful
Half of all kids with ADHD struggle with writing challenges — from organizing thoughts to getting started to laborious handwriting. 18 accommodations to ease writing woes >
Reading Strategies That Grow with Your Child
Reading Strategies That Grow with Your Child
Reading hurdles can trip up every aspect of school. Find concrete tips — elementary through college — to help all students get more from the page.
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9 + 9 = 18 Tips to Sharpen Your Child’s Math Skills
Math Problems, Solved.
Poor working memory and sustained attention can make a tough subject even tougher. Here are 18 solutions to help your child improve math skills — and gain confidence.
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"I Read It, I Swear..."
Students with ADHD may read the whole chapter or book, yet absorb little of its contents. Here's how to boost memory and reading comprehension.
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How Does Your Child Learn?
"What's Your Learning Style?"
Most kids favor one sense over the others in the classroom. Is your child a visual, auditory, or tactile/kinesthetic learner? Find targeted teaching strategies for each style.
[Self-Test] Could My Child Have a Learning Disability?
Could Your Child Have a Learning Disability?
As many as 50 percent of all children with ADHD do. Could your child's academic struggles be signs of a learning disability? Take the test »
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Success@School Q&A
Will She Ever Read for Fun?
Q: My daughter has been diagnosed with dyslexia. Motivating her to read is extremely difficult. Any ideas? See the answer >
Falling Further and Further Behind
Q: My teen has been receiving Ds and Fs on tests this year. Have we reached a point where he simply can't keep up? See the answer >
Writing Hurts My Child's Hand
Q: My child has a hard time writing legibly and often says that his hand hurts, but the school OT ruled out dysgraphia. See the answer >
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