October is ADHD Awareness Month!
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ADHD Awareness Month 2020
"We need to start framing ADHD as a developmental difference. It has less to do with attention and more to do with life-management skills."
—Mark Bertin, M.D.
3 Defining Features of ADHD That Everyone Overlooks
3 Defining Features of ADHD That Everyone Overlooks
The textbook signs of ADD — inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity — fail to reflect several of its most powerful characteristics; the ones that shape your perceptions, emotions, and motivation. | Keep reading ➔
Evaluating and Treating ADHD in African American Children: Guidance for Clinicians
Treating ADHD in African American Children
Cultural competence training, while well-intentioned, often narrowly centers on race. But to ensure more equitable health care, clinicians must not assume that a universal African American experience exists. | Keep reading ➔
Academy at SOAR
5 Things Every Doctor (and Parent) Should Know about Girls and ADD
5 Things Doctors Should Know about ADD in Females
New research says that to effectively diagnose ADHD symptoms in women and girls, doctors should consider hormonal fluctuations, trauma, family dynamics, self-esteem, and eating habits. | Keep reading ➔
ADHD in Teens: How Symptoms Manifest as Unique  Challenges for Adolescents
Unique Challenges for Teens
In adolescence, ADHD increases the risks for motor vehicle accidents, medication diversion, academic setbacks, and more. A parent's vigilance and understanding of ADHD, however, can be powerful mitigating factors. | Keep reading ➔
ADHD Research Roundup: New Studies, Findings & Insights
New Studies & Research from 2020
Research continues to reveal new insights about ADHD — its relationship to trauma, race, emotional dysregulation, and treatments ranging from medication to video games. Revisit the most significant news of the past year.
A Critical Need Ignored: Inadequate Diagnosis and Treatment of ADHD After Age 60
Inadequate Diagnosis & Treatment After Age 60
Research suggests that seniors with ADHD experience unique and evolving symptoms that are commonly mistaken for — and overlap with — normal signs of aging. Learn how clinicians can better serve older patients. | Keep reading ➔
ADDitude celebrates ADHD Awareness Month 2020!
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"My ADHD [R]evolution"
How has your understanding of ADHD evolved? Share your words, images, or videos & you could win a pair of subs »
Webinar on October 15: How Stress and Trauma Affect ADHD in Children of All Colors
ADHD & Trauma in Children
Learn about the impact of trauma, including racial discrimination, and how it can trigger and overlap with ADHD.
The Academy at SOAR
With support from: the Academy at SOAR
Tired of online schooling? Join the Academy at SOAR for IN-PERSON learning and adventure! Our private boarding school is for 7-12 grade specifically designed for students with ADHD/LDs. |
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