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1. Are You a Highly Sensitive Person?
What is Sensory Processing Sensitivity? Traits, Insights, and ADHD Links
Are you easily overwhelmed by bright lights, loud noises, clothing textures, and/or other stimuli? Do you feel nervous when observed performing a task, or get annoyed when asked to do too many things at once? If so, you might be a highly sensitive person (HSP). | More signs & interventions »
“I Have ADHD, Mom… and So Do You!”
2. "I Have ADHD, Mom… and So Do You!"
Raise your hand if this sounds familiar: A parent brings in her child for an ADHD evaluation and sees herself in the symptom list.
Stories of parent-child diagnoses →
“Will I Resent My Teenager for Her ADHD?”
3. Truth: Parenting a Teen Is Exhausting
All parents worry, but if you’re the parent of a teen with ADHD, multiply that by 10. How to keep your vigilance and frustrations from hardening into resentment.
Let's acknowledge how hard this is →
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“After the Diagnosis: The 5 Phases of ADHD ‘Realization’”
4. The 5 Phases of ADHD ‘Realization’
"The initial relief and excitement soon give way to investigation — a need to know more about the ADHD brain. The next phase is..."
“We Have to Stop Trivializing ADHD”
5. It's Time to Stop Trivializing ADHD
"Day after day of struggling with attention deficit may convince a child he is 'dumb.' It's no surprise that this can lead to significant anxiety."
We can stop this chain reaction →
Webinar on October 20: ADHD Ages & Stages Part 3: Adults
ADHD in Adults
ADHD Ages & Stages webinar #3: The unique challenges — and proven solutions — in adulthood. Register »
Webinar on October 26: Shedding Labels, Shedding Shame, Accepting ADHD Accommodations
Accommodations w/o Shame
Many students stop making use of services because they don't want to be ‘different.’ How to foster acceptance »
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ADHD Awareness Month
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