ADHD Parenting Class Week 1: Organization & Chores
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ADDitude's ADHD Parenting Class
ADDitude's 8-Week Parenting Class is a newsletter series focused on these critical topics for caregivers & children with ADHD:
  • Organization & Chores
  • Positive Parenting
  • Sleep & Routines
  • Discipline for Better Behavior
  • Nutrition for Growing ADHD Brains
  • Improving Executive Functions
  • The Great Screen Debate
  • Controlling Emotions & Making Friends
Your job is simple: Open. Read. Take action!
WEEK #1: Organization & Chores
Less Messy in 30 Days!

30 Days to Less Mess
Do you look around your child's room and think, where do we even begin?! Stop thinking of getting organized as a single, "big project." Instead, follow this month-long plan for organizing bedrooms, desks, closets, & more — starting with Day 1: Clear Off the Bed.

See the full plan and teach clean-up skills that will last a lifetime »

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Pigpen Diaries: What to Do When Clutter Is Comforting
When Clutter Comforts
"While I've accepted that my daughter is messy by nature, we agreed on these three rules to maintain a minimum of order." Keep reading »
How Chores Can Improve a Child’s Behavior
What Chores Teach Our Kids
We know — it’s easier to do it yourself, but you're doing your child with ADHD a disservice if you don't assign household jobs.
The Reinvented Chore Chart That Actually Motivates My Child
"The Motivation My Child Needed"
"Understanding why she needs to do each item on her dreaded chore list helped my child complete them more willingly." Keep reading »
A Get-Organized Guide for Even the Messiest Kid
Clutter Categories — and Solutions
A professional organizer shares targeted solutions to busy families' most common clutter challenges, like artwork, sports equipment & toys.
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