Week 3 Class: Better Behavior & Discipline
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8-Week Parenting Class from ADDitude
If You Shout, You’ll Never Be Heard

The No-Shout Discipline Strategy That Works
If your child is melting down, your yelling will only escalate the situation. So take a deep breath and try this stay-cool discipline strategy designed specifically for children with ADHD. Positive parenting starts here »

6 Truths About Child Behavior Problems That Unlock Better Behavior
How to Unlock Better Behavior
Your child's outbursts aren't a sign of insubordination or disrespect. They are signals that he is struggling to meet your expectations. Get to the root of challenging behaviors »
Meltdowns Happen: 7 Healthy Ways to Respond
Meltdowns Happen: 7 Healthy Ways to Respond
When your child dissolves into tears or an angry fit, use these strategies to stop the tantrum in its tracks and remind your child that she can regain control.
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The Truth About Your Child’s Lying
The Truth About ADD & Lying
Everyone tells a fib now and then. But children with ADHD are actually predisposed to tell lies. Learn why, and, more importantly — what you can do to stop this behavior pattern.
10 Behavior Chart Rewards to Motivate Your Child
Better-Behavior Reward Ideas
External motivation can help children with ADHD toe the line or stick with a task they might otherwise abandon. Ready to replace nagging? Try these parent-approved incentives.
Q: "Our son wants to spend all his time on a screen and has even sneaked devices we've confiscated." See the answer »
Q: "Can you give me some examples of effective reward systems for children with ADHD that aren’t just bribery?" See the answer »
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