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This issue highlights 2016 Research Administrator Conference.
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APRIL 2016


You're invited

Please join the Research Office and its partners on Wednesday, April 13, for our annual Research Administrator Conference. This all-day conference focuses on an array of timely topics, ranging from data management plans to research compliance. In addition to specific topics, the conference will also offer several broad sessions like Research Administration 101 and Tips & Tricks of Research Administration. Please see the link below for registration information.

Date: April 13
Time: 8:00 a.m – 4 p.m.
Location: Clayton Hall

(Lunch will be provided)
Registration >

 New Subrecipient Specialist Role

The Research Office is pleased to announce a new team member to the Pre-Award group. Brittany Platzke has taken on the new role of Subrecipient Specialist, working with contract and grant specialists and research administrators across campus. She will be instrumental in negotiating subcontracts, conducting risk assessments and managing subrecipient modifications and no-cost extensions. If you have any questions regarding subrecipients, Brittany can be reached at 

Membership Costs

Are membership costs allowable on an award? 
Some things to consider before charging membership costs: 
  • Does the sponsor allow or prohibit the cost? 
  • Is it required to attend a conference? 
  • Is the cost allocable to the award? 
  • Does the cost provide a direct benefit to the purpose of the project? 
  • At what stage of the award is the cost being charged?
UD Memberships in Professional Associations Policy
Uniform Guidance

Are you Familiar with UD’s Sponsored Projects Collection Procedure? 


The University of Delaware receives sponsored project awards from various governmental and private entities. As a recipient of federal, state and privately sponsored grants and contracts, the University is required to comply with all policies and regulations set forth by the federal and state government and private sponsors, including compliance with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Uniform Guidance. Sponsors generally require an invoice or cash drawdown request before paying the University for an award. Invoices/cash drawdowns are generated in accordance with the requirements set forth by the sponsor in the agreements. The Research Office Billing Team manages the billing and collections activities for all sponsored projects while working closely with the principal investigator (PI), department and the Office of Sponsored Programs Pre- and Post-Award Administration teams. While most sponsors pay invoices reliably, occasionally a sponsor is unable/unwilling to pay the award they made to the University. The collection procedure provides guidelines in collecting accounts receivables and writing off uncollectible balances.

Collection Procedure Guidelines

DHHS/NIH salary rate cap audits 

Employees with Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) funding who have salary rates exceeding $15,425 per month are required to cost-share the amount of their salary that exceeds the cap. This amount must be prorated when an effort commitment differs from one month (8.33%), so cost-sharing will always be required regardless of the amount budgeted. For example, if a PI with an  $18,000/month salary budgets $9,000 in pay on a grant, that would equate to 1/2 month of effort (4.17%), so $1,287.50 must be cost-shared in order to meet the 4.17% commitment. The cost-shared salary should be allocated in the same effort period in which direct charges are applied to the grant so that each effort report will show that the rules of the salary rate cap were followed. Discrepancies will prompt investigation by the Research Office. 

Salary Rate Caps
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