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E-NEWSLETTER June/July 2018
In the Spotlight
High-energy neutrinos

In this artistic rendering, a blazar shoots neutrinos and gamma rays to Earth. Blazars are supermassive black holes—with jets spewing out light and particles—at the center of an elliptical galaxy. One of the jets is pointing to Earth. 


Scientists trace high-energy neutrinos to galactic source for the first time

An international science team that includes researchers from the University of Delaware has found the first evidence of a source for "ghost particles”—high-energy neutrinos that can travel unhindered for billions of light years from the most extreme environments in the cosmos to Earth. 

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Announcing the Caviness HPC cluster

UD’s third high-performance computing community cluster has a name: Caviness, in honor of Jane Caviness, director of UD Academic Computing Services in the 1980s. During her tenure, she laid the groundwork upon which the University’s present-day research computing capabilities are built. After her UD career, she oversaw implementation of the NSF Network (NSFNET) backbone, expanding connectivity between universities, research centers and NSF supercomputer centers. 

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News Briefs & Coming Events

UDRF-SI Workshop
for Facutly
11 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Hullihen 105
Register today!


UD as a Sponsor Workshop
for Research Administrators
1 - 2 p.m.
Hullihen 105
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SBIR Road Tour
Clayton Hall
Conference Center
7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
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Data Science
Institute Launch
Roselle Center
for the Arts
3:30-6:30 p.m.

Did you know: UD faculty have received more than 30 prestigious early career awards since 2013.
Recent Award Recipients

Danielle Dixson wins NSF CAREER award

Basudeb Saha appointed to national energy advisory committee

Horn Entrepreneurship venture

Horn Entrepreneurship venture wins green technology competition

Recently Funded Projects

Breaking Down and Building Up Bacterial Cell Walls to Understand Inflammation Catherine Grimes Dreyfus Foundation $ 75,000
Simulation Training and Implementation Fouad Kiamilev Chip Design Systems $ 110,000
Managing Notifiable Avian Influenza Calvin Keeler Delaware Department of Agriculture $ 167,825
Blue-Noise Graph Sampling Gonzalo Arce NSF $ 300,000
In-Situ Studies of the Electrochemical Deposition of Functionalized Poly(thiophene) Copolymers David Martin NSF $ 441,000
CyberInfrastructure Technology Advancement for Delaware Upgrade to Internet2 Jason Cash NSF $ 447,089
Coherent Lagrangian Pathways in 3D+1 Submesoscale Transport in CALYPSO Helga Huntley ONR $ 453,316
Development of a Novel Nanofertilizer Using Phosphorus Recovered from Agricultural Wastes Deb Jaisi USDA $ 462,000
Evaluation and Optimization of Innovative, Mycoremediation Technologies to Remove Pathogens and Antibiotics from Dairy Manure Anastasia Chirnside USDA $ 469,999
The Consortium for Advanced Research on Transport of Hydrocarbon in the Environment III Helga Huntley Gulf of Mexico Research Institute $ 499,999
Manufacturing USA: Biomanufacturing of Cell Microparticles from Stem Cells As Novel Thrombotic Therapeutic Agents Eleftherios Papoutsakis NSF $ 500,000
Extreme Energy Particle Astrophysics with ANITA-V John Clem NASA $ 504,059
Unraveling the Biology, Chemistry and Nanoscience of Natural and Synthetic Melanins Arthi Jayaraman DOD $ 679,044
Study of the U.S. Institutes for Student Leaders on Women’s Leadership Daniel Bottomley DOS $ 729,000
Losing Nemo—The Impact of Changing Seas on Mutualistic Behavioral Interactions Danielle Dixson NSF $ 750,000
High-Intensity Interval Training to Recover Walking Post-Stroke Darcy Reisman HHS $ 924,808
Listing of Funded Projects
Funding Opportunities

Innovations in Graduate Education (IGE) Program

$300,000 – $400,000
Internal Deadline:
July 30, 2018
Sponsor Deadline: September 27, 2018

Physical Oceanography Program

Award Amount Varies
August 15, 2018

Department of DefenseAwards to Stimulate and Support Undergraduate Research Experiences (ASSURE)

Award Amount Varies
August 22, 2018

Education Research

$100,000 – $760,000 Depending on Directorate
August 23, 2018

Innovations at the Nexus of Food,
Energy and Water Systems

Up to $2,500,000
August 26 2018 

Computational and Data-Enabled
Science and Engineering (CDS&E)

Depending on Directorate
August 31 – December 6, 2018 

Improving Smoking Cessation in Socioeconomically Disadvantaged
Populations via Scalable Interventions
(R01 Clinical Trial Optional)

Award Amount Varies
October 11, 2018

International Research Collaboration on
Drug Abuse and Addiction Research
(R21 Clinical Trial Optional)

October 16, 2018

The Guru of Government Contracting:
PTAC Director Juanita Beauford Helps Delaware Businesses Compete For and Win Government Contracts
Juanita Beauford

In 1984, Juanita Beauford became co-owner of a medical supply company that received numerous awards from the state of Pennsylvania to provide medical equipment in Philadelphia neighborhood clinics. Two years later, she launched a second business on her own to deliver personal care products to the Delaware criminal justice system, a government contract she serviced for seven years while concurrently earning two master’s degrees.

Today, Beauford is fondly known as the “guru of government contracting.” With PTAC’s help, Delaware’s small business community has won more than $100 million per year in government contracts since 2015, more than twice the amount secured by businesses in Massachusetts.  

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For Research Administrators
Uniform Guidance
Procurement Standards Update
The Office of Management and Budget recently issued a memorandum raising the threshold for micro-purchases under federal financial assistance awards to $10,000, and raising the threshold for simplified acquisitions (large purchases) to $250,000. The University has revised Procurement Policy 5-01, effective July 1, 2018, accordingly and as follows:
Federal Contracts and Grants including Mandatory/Voluntary Committed Cost Share and University Service Centers:
  • i. Less than $10,000 – Departments should perform due diligence on pricing options to ensure that products or services are obtained at reasonable prices.
  • ii. $10,000 to $250,000 – Quotes must be obtained from an adequate number of qualified sources (minimum of three sources if available). If there is only one qualified source, a UD Sole Source Justification form must be completed and submitted to Procurement for review and approval.
  • iii. $250,000 and greater – Sealed bids are required with formal advertising by Procurement Services unless there is only one qualified source. A UD Sole Source Justification form must be completed and submitted to Procurement for review and approval.
All Other Purchases:
  • i. Up to $50,000, solicitation of quotations/bids will be at the discretion of Procurement Services. Buyers in Procurement Services are accountable for exercising professional due diligence by soliciting written or telephone quotations (documented) when appropriate.
  • ii. Purchases over $50,000 require price quotations or sealed bids to be obtained from at least three qualified vendors (if available), solicited by Procurement Services.
  • iii. In the event that only a single source can be located for a particular purchase exceeding $50,000, Procurement Services will make that determination and the buyer will so document in the purchasing system.
OMB Memorandum



Research F&A Rates Announced
UD has received provisional federal facilities and administrative (F&A) rates effective July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019. These rates will remain in force until the negotiations for a longer term agreement are completed, which we expect later this year.
Activity Location Federal Rate State Rate Industry Rate
Organized Research
On Campus 56.0%
41.0% (Agriculture)
38.0% 56%
  Off Campus 28.0% 28.0% 28.0%
Other Sponsored Activities
(Public Service)
On Campus 38.4% 32.0% 38.4%
  Off Campus 26.3% 26.3% 26.3%
Sponsored Instruction
On Campus 48.6% 32.0% 48.6%
  Off Campus 33.0% 33.0% 33.0%

F&A Agreement

FY19 Fringe Benefits Rates
The following fringe benefit rates are effective July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019 and apply to salaries and wages funded by grants, contracts and other external funding sources.
Group Location Federal Rate CANR 3A Rate
Faculty/Prof. Employees All 40.8% 35.1%
Staff Employees All 65.2% 48.0%
Graduate Students All 5.9% 5.9%
Other* All 7.0% 7.0%
*Excludes student wages exempt from FICA.

Fringe Benefits Agreement

2018-19 Tuition Rates Announced
The University of Delaware has announced its tuition and fees for the 2018-19 academic year. The focus remains on providing maximum value and positive career outcomes, and the University continues to seek additional value-driven solutions for its students.

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