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New UD Research Magazine 

Energy research is at full throttle here at the University of Delaware, and the latest issue of the UD Research Magazine shows how we're revving up work on renewables. Also in this issue—stories on how robots can help with pediatric rehabilitation, the Disaster Research Center’s global impact, Mark Bowden’s take on science writing, historian Christine Heyrman’s exploration of attitudes toward Islam, the Avian Biosciences Center’s work on bird flu, and UD's first Gates Cambridge Scholar. We want to hear from you, too. Take our survey and you might win a $100 Barnes & Noble gift card!
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Sponsor's Funding Announcement

The sponsor’s funding announcement, like Shakespeare’s rose, is known by many names, but always fills the same need. Whether it is called a Request for Application (RFA), Broad Agency Announcement (BAA), Program Announcement (PA) or anything else, this documentation explains what type of activities and topics the sponsor is seeking to fund and what is required in the grant application. Understanding these points is essential to preparing a successful proposal. The University also uses this information to obtain data about UD’s proposals and awards and for simple functions like searching in the database. To facilitate review of the proposal and to enable such data mining, the Research Office asks that you include the sponsor’s announcement number in the PeopleSoft record for each proposal that is responding to a specific announcement/solicitation. This data is entered in the Additional Information section of the Proposal Tab. The solicitation number and title are entered in the “details” for the “SOL” type. 

Closeout Report (ACR) –
View Interim Report Feature


The View Interim Report feature in the Closeout Report system is a handy way to review for potential closeout issues well before the end date of the project, prior to receiving the actual, interactive Closeout Report. It’s a chance to gather backup documentation before the closeout deadline time crunch. An early review provides plenty of time for making corrections and adjustments while there is still time to finalize any new expenditures.

The Interim Report can be a good tool for determining the potential complexity of a project, and to assist in planning closeout priorities.  When expenses include foreign travel, subcontracts and equipment fabrication, getting an early head start on the closeout is a smart idea!

Although the Interim Report cannot be saved with comments or attachments, it is a quick and easy snapshot of information and transactions to review. It is also a fast and convenient way to check on expenses to date, without logging into UDataGlance.


ATTENTION: Early closeout and payment request for federal awards

Please ensure Automated Closeout Reports (ACRs)/Closeouts are completed in accordance with instructions from your Sponsored Research Accountant in the Research Office for all federal agencies with a fiscal year end date of June 30, 2016. In order for federal agencies to close Fiscal Year 2016, federal agencies will begin suspending access to Letter of Credit accounts from September 16, 2016. The last day for the University of Delaware to submit payment requests for federal awards will be September 16 for most federal agencies. All payment requests scheduled from September 17 through October 5, 2016, may be rejected by the federal agencies. This will impact the traditional 90-day closeouts, as all recipients must withdraw the necessary funding before the period when the federal agencies' accounts will be suspended.
ACRs / Closeouts

An important note to anyone who may submit or approve salary JVs with sponsored projects:  

Salary JVs that are processed via webforms to reallocate salary paid between March and August 2016 and that will be reported in the next batch of effort reports (period 162) must be in complete status by COB on 9/7/16. Any JVs submitted via webforms for effort period 162 (March–Aug ‘16) that are still in progress as of 9/8/16 will have to be cancelled and reproduced via the Effort Reporting System after the reports are released on 9/10/16.

If you need to JV any salary that would require entry of effort period “AY16 3/1/16 – 8/31/16” on the JV, please be aware of the 9/7/16 cutoff date and plan accordingly. This only applies to salary accounts in the sets of ranges below: 
[120200 - 120289], [120300 - 120399], [120500 - 120599], [120800 - 120899], [121000 - 121099], [121100 - 121199], [121200 - 121299], [121500 - 121599], [121600 - 121699], [121700 - 121799], [122300 - 122399], [122500 - 122599], [122600 - 122699], [122700 - 122799], [123000 - 123099], [123600 - 123699]

JVs which cannot be completed prior to COB Sept. 7th may be submitted via the Effort System after September 10th. If you have any questions, please email or call Dawn Yasik at x4956.

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