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This issue highlights SRA Certs in ConnectingU.
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SRA Certs in ConnectingU

Are you a Certified Research Administrator, or do you hold an SRA certificate? If so, please let the Research Office know! In an effort to create a central learning repository, we have loaded many SRA Certificates into ConnectingU. If you hold an SRA certification, send a copy to Jenn Roth ( to load into ConnectingU. The certificates will then appear in your learning transcript.

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Proposals — New Values for
Pricing Method & Product 

You may notice some new default values when clicking on the link for “F&A and Pricing Setup” on the proposal budget tab (PS Navigation: Grants> Proposals> Maintain Proposals> Budgets tab> F & A and Pricing Setup link). In the “Contracts Related” section, new default values will appear for the fields Pricing Method (new value is “None”) and Product (new value is “NON”). Please leave these values as you find them on all new proposals — for department and unit administrators, there is no action to take. Contract and Grant Specialists in the Research Office will update these values as necessary.


Cash Advances

Cash advances may be used for different circumstances on an award. Advances used for participant incentive require a signature upon disbursement of funds, and those used for travel and other expenses require receipts. Advances must be reconciled by verifying and “signing off” on expenses. Unused funds may not be deposited back to an award. Instead, follow the steps below:
  1. Department removes the unspent portion of the original expense via Journal Voucher. Use a credit entry on the award purpose code and PS account where the expense was originally recorded, and debit to a non-award/departmental purpose. (Example: If the original $5,000 cash advance was charged to an award on account 130100, and the cardholder only spent $4,300, then $700 needs to be removed from account 130100 to a non-award/department purpose.)
  2. Department prepares a cash transmittal to record the check deposit and indicates that funds are to be credited to a non-award/departmental purpose (this will offset the debit recorded via JV). Check should be sent to Cashiers.   
To provide assistance with reconciliation of cash advances, the Research Office has created two templates. Refer to UD Policies and Procurement forms for additional guidance.
Cash Withdrawal Log
Travel Policy
UD Credit Card
Cash Advance Worksheets

When are grant invoices submitted and when is revenue recognized?

Cost Reimbursable awards that require a physical invoice be submitted to the sponsor are typically submitted within 1–3 days of the official month end close. Fixed Price awards are submitted in accordance with the payment schedule and/or when departments inform the billing team that deliverables have been completed. Invoicing information can be accessed and reviewed in UDATAGLANCE.
The University of Delaware utilizes an accounting system that recognizes revenue and expenses on an accrual basis, meaning that revenue and expenses are recorded according to when they are earned and incurred, not necessarily when the cash is received or paid. For cost reimbursable awards, under the accrual method revenue is recognized when expenses are incurred, regardless of when payment is received.  Revenue on fixed price awards is recognized when sponsors are invoiced, regardless of when payment is received. Details of the invoices and payments on awards can be found in UDATAGLANCE under the “Billing and Collections” section.


Changes to the Effort Reporting System

In January, some subtle programming changes were deployed to our electronic effort reporting system. An introduction to these modifications will be presented on February 17 at 10 a.m. You may sign up to attend using the link below.

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