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Budgeting for Administrative Salaries
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JUNE 2016

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Budgeting for Administrative Salaries

Administrative salaries, while often treated as an indirect cost, can sometimes be charged as direct charges as long as the Uniform Guidance criteria are met. If such a charge is allowed, it is imperative that it be budgeted accordingly in the UD financial system. The Research Office has begun running reports after each effort period to identify any direct costs for administrative salaries charged to a federal or federal flow-through award where administrative salary was not budgeted. The Research Office will reach out to department administrators if/when any activity is flagged on the report. For more information about Uniform Guidance criteria and the Research Office process, click the button below.  
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PI Eligibility Request Update  

When an individual who is not a faculty member would like to be the Principal Investigator (PI) or a Co-PI for a sponsored project proposal, a waiver of the standard PI eligibility must be approved at the time the proposal is submitted to the sponsor. The Research Office has updated the PI Eligibility request procedure to clarify how to submit these requests.

NOTE: This requirement applies only to the persons identified to the sponsor as the PI or Co-PI in the proposal. When needed, a PI Eligibility Form must be completed and signed by the individual, the department chair and dean. The signed form and a CV for the individual must be submitted via email to the contract and grant specialist in the Research Office prior to the deadline for submission of the proposal. Once the request has been reviewed and approved by the deputy provost for research and scholarship, the contract and grant specialist will return the fully signed form to the department. A pdf of the approved form should be uploaded in the PeopleSoft proposal record. 

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Credit Card Fees

Are credit card fees an allowable cost to the grant?

•  Credit card fees are bank fees related to the processing of credit card transactions initiated at UD. 

•  The mechanics of credit card fees vary slightly depending on if the card is processed on campus via card swipe machine or via web portal utilizing CashNet/HigherOne.

•  The fee is allowable if an award requires the collection of revenue (program income), and the credit card fee can be associated to the original expense incurred by the University and is an allowable cost to the grant.

•  Detailed documentation must be maintained as support.

•  Questions regarding this process should be directed to Sondra Holbrook-Wagner, University Finance.

NOTE:  Banking fees, cash advances, ATM fees, wire fees and money orders are unallowable expenses and cannot be directly charged to the award as the costs are recovered as F&A.


Summer Salary Reimbursement
on Sponsored Projects

Faculty members on academic year contracts may receive additional compensation for three months of summer work on sponsored research or summer teaching at a monthly rate not to exceed one-ninth of the base salary. The total compensation from all sources may not exceed three-ninths of the basic academic year salary for the summer months.
Sponsors frequently question summer salary expense on invoices and often request an explanation before approving payments. Please plan appropriately for the upcoming summer months by reviewing salary cap information, project budgets, obligations and expenses.
Sponsored Projects transactional detail, current balances and current balances including obligations can be reviewed via UDATAGLANCE. Additional information on summer salary can be found by reviewing the University of Delaware Faculty Handbook. For any questions regarding summer salary on sponsored projects, contact Dawn Yasik at x4956.


NIH Salary Caps and
Faculty Summer Salary

All employees, including faculty members whose salary exceeds the NIH/DHHS salary cap are required to cost-share the portion of their salary which is above the cap in order to meet their effort commitments and show that they did not overcharge the sponsor. There are two ways to do this when faculty summer salary is paid. If discretionary funding is available to pay the faculty member additional summer salary to cover the difference between his or her actual salary and the sponsor's cap, a second S-contract can be submitted, charging the pay to a discretionary purpose and entering the project to record it as cost-share. If discretionary funding is not available to pay the faculty member's additional summer salary, the amount of his or her pay which exceeds the cap must be cost-shared from AY salary via the LAM. For more information see “DHHS Salary Cap” under “Resources” for maintaining your award in our Grants Management Guide on the Research Office website. For questions regarding summer salary on sponsored projects, contact Dawn Yasik at x4956.
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