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"Most comedy is based on getting a laugh at somebody else's expense. And I find that that's just a form of bullying in a major way. So I want to be an example that you can be funny and be kind, and make people laugh without hurting somebody else's feelings"

~Ellen DeGeneres

Welcome back, <<First Name>>!

Ready to finish strong?

You're probably thinking to yourself, "man, it's great to be back at school!" Right? Common, what would you do with yourself if it wasn't for school? Be bored out of your mind, that's what! And with a well deserved break now over, it's time get back to that grind stone and churn out some academic success!

BTW, since the days are getting hotter (as of March 20th, HAPPY SPRING!), and let me tell you it's gonna get much hotter, take some steps to stay cool. Construction on the new UCM pool finished over spring break and will be open next week for all UCM students, faculty, and staff. Check it out!

Have at it,<<First Name>>! =]

P.s. There is a holiday coming up this Wednesday. Can you guess which one it is? 


Utilizing Your Time Effectively 

Welcome back from break Bobcats! Much like Thanksgiving Break, the weeks after Spring break go by very fast, and you may find yourself falling into a post-spring break slump. No, you aren't the only one feeling it, a week of break can really rev up anyone’s rest and relax instincts. One way to fight the slump is to help yourself became aware of how you are using your time. Ask yourself: how do I spend my time each day? Here are easy steps and strategies on using your time effectively:
Blocks of study time and breaks
You know your course schedule, therefore it will be easier to develop and plan for blocks of study time in a typical school week. Blocks ideally are around 50 minutes, but perhaps you become restless after only 30 minutes? Some difficult material may require more frequent breaks. Shorten your study blocks if necessary-but don't forget to return to the task at hand. One way to help utilize your block of study time is to download the app called "Self Control" which essentially creates a blocked list of any website that may distract you while working.
Dedicated study spaces
Determine a place free from distraction; one tip that may help is turning your cellphone off when you study. Be sure to find a study space where you can maximize your concentration and be free of the distractions that friends or internet can bring. A change of venue may also be helpful.
Weekly reviews
Weekly reviews and updates are also an important strategy. Each week, dedicate a day to review your assignments, notes, calendar, etc. Be mindful that as deadlines and exams approach, your weekly routine must adapt to them. Sometimes midterms/assignments can sneak up on you which is why it is important to periodically review your syllabuses. Knowing about upcoming deadlines can help reduce your stress level because you then do not have to cram. Using your phone as a planner can help you with this because if you set a weekly reminder to review your assignments it will become a routine. 
Prioritize your assignments
When studying, get in the habit of beginning with the most difficult subject or task. You'll be fresh, and have more energy to take them on when you are at your best. For more difficult courses of study, try to be flexible. Be sure to review your previous labs to determine where you lost points. If it is in certain category so you can learn from these mistakes before the next lab is due. In order to determine which assignment to tackle first it may be helpful to write down each assignment in a planner. Then you can visually see which assignments are due which days therefore making it easier to determine which assignment to finish first.
Use your free time wisely
Think of times when you can study "bits" as when walking, riding the bus, etc. These times are perfect for routine tasks like flash cards, or if you can concentrate, to read or review a chapter. The bottom line is to put your time to good use. However, after a long day of school you may need a recharge period. Don't be afraid to just relax, and regain your barrings before heading back to the grindstone. 
Review notes and readings just before class
This may prompt a question or two about something you don't quite understand, to ask about in class, or after. It also demonstrates to your professor that you are interested and have prepared. This can be helpful if you cannot attend the professor’s office hours. Post-it notes can be especially helpful in this aspect because the bright colors make a wonderful contrast against notebook pages, making it easier to remember which part of the reading you were having difficulty with.

Resource of the Week

Outdoor Experience Program
 Student Activities and Athletics Center (SAAC)
Mon-Thur, 10am-2pm
Hidden inside the Student Activities & Athletic Center located right across the restrooms, is the home of the Outdoor Experience Program! Here you can rent out camping gear and sign up for amazing trips. So if you’re feeling especially adventurous or yearn for exploration, this is a great resource to utilize! Trips offered include a large variety from kayaking, backpacking, surfing, and even walks. Each trip includes transportation and other perks such as priceless travel tips from experienced student travelers guaranteeing a fun environment. If finances are a concern, they have trips as low as 25$!  Grab some friends or sign yourself up by visiting them in person. You can also sign up by using the contact information found above!  For now, check out some exciting upcoming trips below!

Wildflower Hike
Mariposa, California
Sunday, April 5
Price: Member: $25 
If you're looking for a change of scenery during your workout routine, this is the trip for you! This trip will have you working up a sweat while experiencing natures beauty. The hike takes place in Hite's Cove, named after the richest gold miner of the Central Sierra, John Hite, whose story will be told along with Native American tales by experienced wilderness rangers. During the hike, you are guaranteed to see miles of colorful wildflowers as well as plants and animals! So if you're tired of running on a treadmill while watching TV, this can be a great trip for you!
High Sierra Backpacking
Yosemite National Park
Saturday-Sunday, April 11 and 12
Price: $65.00 
A great way to connect to nature is to go and live in it for a few days! So if you're looking to breathe some fresh air and learn more about nature, this may be a wonderful trip for you! This trip includes transportation, backpack, tent, sleeping bag, group cooking gear and food, and bear canister for you to use during the two day adventure! Staff and wilderness rangers will guide you through the serene Sierra wilderness while teaching you outdoor skills and sharing stories of the natural history. You will also get close up to waterfalls such as Chilnaulna Falls, Rancheria Falls, or Ostrander Lake. This trip is sure to spark a special connection between you and nature! 
American River Whitewater Rafting
Sacramento, California
Saturday-Sunday, April 25 and 26
Price: Member: $125.00 
If you're looking for an adrenaline rush, you can try this trip and spend two exhilarating days exploring the waters of the American River! During the exciting 21 miles of the American River, you will experience giant boulders and waterfalls with names such as "Troublemaker" and "Meatgrinder". After a whole day of fun you will camp along the river and the next day continue the adventure! This trip includes transportation, rafting equipment, guides, permits, group camping gear and two meals! So if you're looking for some excitement, you're sure to have a blast in this trip!
Santa Cruz, California
Saturday, April 11
Price: Member: $85.00 
The sunny weather is here! If you want to spend it at the beach, this is your opportunity to soak up the sun and experience the waves of the Santa Cruz coast. This trip includes surfing gear you can use all morning and a surfing lesson in case it's your first time! The rest of the day you can spend at your preference from relaxing on the sand or rent a bike to explore along Main Beach, the Santa Cruz Boardwalk and the Municiple Wharf. Whichever you choose, you have many options to have a fun filled day! 

Lambda Alliance Presents:
UC Merced's 7th Annual Pride Week

Monday March 30th - Sunday April 4th
Event Link
Pride Week at UC Merced is a celebration of the LGBT+ community and of the diversity the LGBT+ spectrum represents. Pride celebrates the accomplishments made with equality since the beginning of the LGBT+ movement. Pride week 2015’s theme is E.R.A (equality rights acceptance), we aim to provide education, visibility, and community through a wide variety of events! You can bring your PJ’s and a blanket and have a good old fashioned slumber party with snacks games and more, learn about the history of the LGBT+ community presented by the Historical Society, eat some cotton candy or play some games to win a prize at the carnival, or even join the Lube Olympics for a day of slippery fun! ALL are Welcome and we look forward to seeing you at Pride Week 2015!
Click the event link above for a full list of the weeks activities!

Approved Events 

SMP Events

Spring Into Office Hours
Tuesday March 31st 3:30-4:20pm KL 360
Wednesday April 1st 2:00-2:50pm KL 360
Office hours are a beneficial resource that we under utilize very often. Oftentimes, anxiety or feeling unprepared keeps us from going. This workshop aims to help students prepare for office hours by talking about various ways to build confidence for, and be prepared for office hours.

Additional Approved Events

Grammar Workshops: ESL Trouble Spots
Monday March 30th 12:00-1:00pm
COB 276

Event Link

Get The Most Out Of Office Hours
Tuesday April 7th 5:00-5:50pm
Tenaya 170-Alpine Room

Event Link
Grammar Workshops: Adjective Clauses
Monday April 6th 12:00-1:00pm
COB 276

Event Link

Boredom Busting
Thursday April 9th 5:00-5:50pm
SAAC 219

Event Link

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