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"Failure is success if we learn from it"
~Malcolm Forbes

<<First Name>>

It's not goodbye, it's until next time

This is it. The last week of the semester. You've made it. You might be waiting until after finals to make that determination but believe me, half the battle is won by just hanging in there. Don't believe me? Ask your mentor. They may have some experiences that can shine some light on first year struggles. So, as you walk into your finals next week, remember how far you've already come!  

Last week we sent out evaluations for the Success Mentor Program in a separate email. <<First Name>>, please take a moment to fill out the eval. It really helps improve the program so we can better serve first year students. Responses are of course confidential. Be sure to complete the evaluation by 11:59pm, this Friday, the 12th. 

On the subject of evals, the 2014 New Student Survey was also sent out. This survey helps by collecting and assessing quality feedback from new students like you. Your responses to this survey can make the difference between administration taking action and doing nothing. Your words matter, <<First Name>>. Take the survey HERE.

Below, you'll find some food for thought on your journey through this semester and the beginning of your next. Hopefully, you'll find it useful. =]

Until next semester, <<First Name>>.


Event Tracking Forms

At the beginning of the semester you were told about the event tracking forms and your 3,2,1 requirements: three events, two tutoring session, one teacher office hour. Just a friendly reminder that those event tracking forms are due by the end of the semester to Jason Juarez in the Bright Success Center (KL 222). Be sure to speak with your mentor for further details. Remember, if you complete your event tracking form, you get a prize! =D

Moment of Reflection

It is that time of year, the semester is quickly coming to an end and before you know it, time for new year resolutions. As you approach the end of your first semester, take some time to think back to your first day of the semester and how things have changed since then. Below we provide an opportunity to seek within and acknowledge your growth!
When you look in the mirror you may see that you've changed. Maybe not physically like in the picture above illustrates but it's very likely you've gained many new experiences that have changed your perspective since you graduated from high school just a few months ago. Reflecting on these experiences can help you end your first semester on a positive note and prepare you for next semester. 

Thinking back to the goals you had at the beginning of the semester and your goals now is a great start. You may realize you have different goals now and your priorities might have also changed. You can use this to help you form new goals for the upcoming semester. Remember every moment you experience and every lesson learned has the power to shape you as a person. 

Consider also thinking back to all your accomplishments this semester. Think about the hard work you put in and the emotion you felt when you accomplished your goal. If you feel like you haven't accomplished anything, think again. Sometimes the biggest accomplishments are not giving up on yourself. 

Lastly, use your accomplishments and growth as your motivation for next semester. If you did amazing this semester, keep it up! If things didn't go as expected, this does not make you a failure, it gives you an opportunity to try even harder next semester!

Spring Semester Resolutions

Now that the Fall semester is almost over, it's not a bad idea to start thinking about Spring semester. What are some things that you're looking forward to next semester? Do you look at the next semester as an opportunity to revisit, refresh and re-evaluate your priorities?  Will your goals change? Do you want to be better? How about try harder? 
The New Year is a time to reflect and make changes on the things that we want to improve on. So this year, along with your New Year's resolutions, also think of your Spring semester's resolutions. Whatever your new semester's resolutions might be, we hope that you will always try to reach for your full potential. This week's email features 5 of the many resolutions that will help make your college experience more worthwhile.
1. Be an attentive student
This has happened to most students at least once in their college career: showing up to a class and being completely zoned out the entire time due to lack of sleep or uninteresting materials. Although it can be hard, try to actually be IN class. Paying attention, being an active listener, and participating in class discussion will help improve your classroom environment. Where are your priorities? Grades or education?
2. Join a new club or organization
Join one new club next semester and you will get to meet new people and potentially discover new things that could take your life into an entirely different direction. CatLife is a great website to check out some of the clubs or organizations that UC Merced has to offer. For example, there are a variety of religious clubs on campus, as well as intramural sport teams, etc. Explore and find one that fits your interests.
3. Be open-minded about your future
Are you happy with your major? Have you truly thought about what you enjoy and how you can make sure your career and future are aligned with creating your happiness? Don't limit your career choices, keep exploring around! The Center for Career and Professional Advancement at UC Merced offers Career Assessments to help students find out what career fields might interest them.
4. Try something that is out of your comfort zone
Get out of your comfort zone and join something that will expose you to fresh and new experiences. You will learn a lot about yourself. Have you thought of attending an event hosted by the Office of Student Life (OSL) or running for Senate with the Associated Students of UC Merced (ASUCM)? How about volunteering in the community? Did you know that UC Merced offers outdoor adventure trips, such as kayaking, biking or hiking in Yosemite? Challenge yourself and see how much you can grow!
5. Re-evaluate your friends
Take a good look around and decide if you are surrounding yourself with people who are helping you become a better person and inspiring you to achieve success. If the people you hang out with always distract you from doing work, maybe it's time to surround yourself with people that help you be productive.

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