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Newsletter 11  -  April 2016
Welcome to the digital newsletter of the EUTERP Foundation. Together with the website this newsletter brings you the most recent information about education and training in radiation protection. 
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EUTERP and RPW 2016

Some of you may already be aware of the forthcoming “Radiation Protection Week” due to be held in the Mathematical Institute in Oxford, UK, 19-23 September this year.   RPW2016 builds on and extends the successful MELODI workshops and is aimed primarily at scientists and decision makers participating in radiation protection research.  The week will bring together complimentary strands in radiation protection research and is being co-organized by the established European platforms MELODI, EURADOS, ALLIANCE and NERIS. 

EUTERP is pleased to have been asked to co-ordinate the programme session on Education & Training in Radiation Protection. The intent for this session is to provide an opportunity for the major platforms and programmes to share information regarding their E&T workstreams, to  promote discussion on areas of mutual relevance and perhaps initiate a conversation about the route of information from radiation protection researcher to radiation protection practitioner. 

Further details regarding the programme for the week along with registration details can be found on the conference website.
A number of EUTERP Board Members will be attending this event.  
Hope to see you there !
ENETRAP III progress
The ENETRAP III project is progressing as planned.  
  • The guidance text to support the implementation of E&T requirements for RPE and RPO as defined in the Euratom BSS, based on the input of the EUTERP Associates, HERCA, and other stakeholders, is delivered to the EC.
  • Three new course modules on radiation protection for RPEs working in geological disposal, nuclear power plants and the medical area were developed. Registrations for the first two are still open. Please check the ENETRAP III website.
  • A one-week teach-the-teacher training module will be organised in June 2016. Registration is still possible. Please check the ENETRAP III website.
  • A stakeholder meeting, with the ENETRAP III Regulatory and Consultancy group will be organised during the Radiation Protection Week in Oxford, on September 20, 2016. Please check the ENETRAP III website.or the EUTERP website for more information. You are all kindly invited to attend.
ENETRAP III results are presented at several workshops and conferences. After the Radiation Protection Week in September 2016, the next major events on E&T in radiation protection will be the ETRAP 2017 conference, planned in Spring 2017.
ANNETTE Project started

On February 9-10, 2016, the ANNETTE Project kick-off meeting was held in Pisa, Italy. 

ANNETTE (Advanced Networking for Nuclear Education, Training and Transfer of Expertise) aims at enhancing the Europe-wide efforts initiated in the past decades by different organisations belonging to academia, research centres and industry to maintain and develop education and training in the different nuclear areas. The main aim of this action is to consolidate and better exploit the achievements already reached in the past and to tackle the present challenges in preparing the European workforce in the different nuclear areas, with special attention to continuous professional development, life-long learning and cross border mobility. The ANNETTE project receives funding from the EURATOM Research and Training programme under grant agreement N° 661910.

A European survey on E&T and VET initiatives was launched by ANNETTE project, which can be accessed via the following link. By participating in this survey, you help shape the future of education and training in nuclear.

Read more about the ANNETTE Project.
1st National congress on radiation protection in Turkey

The Society of Radiation Protection Experts in Turkey organized its first congress in Ankara. The event which was held as the 1st National Congress on Radiation Protection on Nov. 19-21, 2015 attracted professionals, suppliers, practitioners, occupational safety experts and academicians as well as representatives from authorities and law makers. 

Around 300 people attended the congress which lasted for three days and discussed some diverse topics related to science and engineering of radiation protection.  The speakers emphasized the needs to address the current radiation protection guidelines of Turkey and to eliminate the gaps and complexities in the regulations. 

In addition, measures related to training of radiation protection experts and radiation safety officers were brought to the public’s attention. These matters were all mentioned in the Congress’ final declaration, which was sent to relevant authorities and organizations. 

There were oral and poster presentations along with short courses on radiation protection and safety in the practice of occupational health and safety professionals. A workshop and course series on Radiation Protection in Occupational Health and Safety is scheduled for June 6-7, 2016 in Izmir. This will be a follow-up of a similar activity carried out in Antalya in 2014. 

The meeting’s major output was the elaboration on the development of training of radiation protection experts, which was put into perspective by Mr Richard Paynter (EUTERP’s president).  A graduate programme in radiation safety and protection is to be started next year which will be followed by training programmes in this field. The next congress is planned for 2017 in Ankara.
SRPA hosted IAEA Regional training course

In March 2015 the Slovenian Radiation Protection Administration (SRPA) hosted an IAEA Regional Training Course on Radiation Protection for vascular surgeons.

The SRPA plans to host another IAEA course in September 2016 on QA/QC in diagnostic radiology. Details will be announced as they become available.
The QSK joins the EUTERP as its 20th Associate. 

The QSK is an association of the main German course-providers with the objective to enhance and ensure a high quality of E&T in RP-courses. To reach that goal each member of the QSK has to assure that all necessary requirements demanded by the German E&T guidelines are fulfilled and has to complete a quality audit at least every second year.  Additionally QSK-members meet twice a year to exchange information concerning RP and discuss new topics related to E&T.

Information concerning the QSK can be found on the website, This web-site is in German but it is easy to find a list of all QSK-members ("Unsere Mitglieder") and the RP-courses offered regularly by them. The link that is used most often is the course-finder ("Kursfinder"). As the German system of RP-courses is quite complicated even for Germans, we developed a course-finder that enables people to find the correct RP-course by answering a few questions. This course-finder could be helpful for persons from outside Germany to find the correct German RP-course if they are planning to work in Germany.
Election to the Board of the EUTERP, 2016

Following the call for nominations, we are pleased to announce that seven nominations were received and as this is less than the maximum under the Foundation Articles, all the candidates are duly elected. Consequently the members of the Board of the EUTERP until January 2019 are:
  • Allisy, Penelope; nominated by the EFOMP  
  • Coeck, Michèle; nominated by the SCK•CEN 
  • Draaisma, Folkert; nominated by the NRG 
  • Hoyler, Friedrich; nominated by the QSK 
  • Paynter, Richard; nominated by RadPRO 
  • Schouwenburg, Marcel; nominated by TU Delft 
In addition, the Board retains Stewart, Joanne; previously nominated by PHE (member until January 2017).
The Board members’ details can be seen on the EUTERP website via each Board member’s name.
The next call for nominations will be in January 2017.
EUTERP Associates

The EUTERP now has 20 Associates, two being from European organizations.  Associates input to the Board membership, work plans and budget. Their ideas and opinions are invaluable to the functioning of the Foundation. All organizations involved in radiation protection education and training in Europe are invited to become Associates. The benefits, listed on the EUTERP website, are becoming more widely recognised and the President is always willing to give talks about the work of the EUTERP during national events.  Do please contact the EUTERP President or Secretary if you would like to invite a speaker?

Please would you let us know of any education and training organizations involved in radiation protection training, in your country or elsewhere in Europe, with a contact name and e-mail address so that we can then invite them to join us. Any such organization may of course apply directly, using the application form from the How to Join page on  the EUTERP website. 

We look forward hearing from you!

The EUTERP has National Contact Points (NCPs) for almost all the countries in Europe; we have as yet no NCP for Estonia. Please check the information on the NCP for your country and tell the EUTERP Secretary if updates or amendments are needed. We do try to keep these pages up to date but need to rely on local information to do so.
Upcoming events
EUTERP is happy to collaborate with national and international events; contact
IRPA 14: Celebrating IRPA 50 years
May 9 - 13, 2016
Capetown, South Africa

Practising Radiation Protection, sharing the experience and new challenges

More information is available on the conference website.
June 1-3, 2016
Caro Hotel, Bucharest, Romania

The second International Conference on Risk Perception, Communication and Ethics of Exposures to Ionising Radiation (RICOMET) is organised under the auspices of 4 Euratom Projects and intends to continue the dialogue started by RICOMET 2015 on social and ethical issues, as well as encourage stakeholder and public participation in nuclear science, technology and innovation.
  • EAGLE: Enhancing Education, Training And Communication Processes For Informed Behaviors And Decision-Making Related To Ionizing Radiation Risks
  • OPERRA: Open Project for the European Radiation Research Area
  • CONCERT: European Joint Programme for the Integration of Radiation Protection Research
  • PLATENSO: Platform for Enhanced Societal Research related to nuclear energy in Central and Eastern Europe

The focal points of this year's conference are:
  • Creating a Strategic Research Agenda on Social Sciences and Humanities in Radiation Protection,
  • Policy making related to different applications of ionizing radiation.
Conference website
Radiation Protection Week
September 19-23, 2016
Oxford, UK

The Radiation Protection Week is a 'must' for all scientists and decision makers participating in radiation protection research globally. For the first time, RPW2016 will bring together complementary strands of radiation protection research, with the established European platforms MELODI, EURADOS, NERIS and ALLIANCE as co-organisers, along with other relevant areas.

RPW2016 will be held in Oxford, UK; the meeting will be held in the Mathematical Institute located in the recently re-developed Radcliffe Observatory Quarter of Oxford University; accommodation will be available in nearby St Anne's College.
Conference website
EAN Workshop: ALARA in emergency and post-accident situations
May 15-17, 2017
Lisbon, Portugal

The next EAN workshop will be organized in collaboration with NERIS and will be on ALARA in emergency and post-accident situations.

More news will be announced as it becomes available.
Upcoming courses
The new EUTERP website offers the possibility to EUTERP Associates to announce their courses. If you have an announcement, please contact the with the details of the course.
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