We've Extended "Dental Month" through April!

We’re scaling and polishing as fast as we can and we’re finally catching up! If you’ve had trouble getting scheduled, call today as we’re going to honor our dental month special through April.

Have You Looked in Your Pet’s Mouth Lately? 

Taking care of your pet’s teeth is a huge step toward proper pet healthcare. Studies show 80% of pets develop signs of periodontal disease before they reach three years of age. The good news is that oral diseases are almost entirely preventable with regular dental exams and home care. If those pearly whites seem more yellow than white, and if the gums are swollen or inflamed, you’re looking at plaque and tartar buildup. Look further back at the teeth used for chewing. Are the gums red or bleeding? Left untreated, this can lead to mouth pain or tooth loss, not to mention very unkissable breath! If you don’t like what you see (or would rather not look), schedule an appointment with one of our technicians for a free dental exam and discuss if your pet should come in for a dental cleaning.

Save $40 on all Dentistries Performed i̶n̶ ̶F̶e̶b̶r̶u̶a̶r̶y̶ now through April!

Now Get One FREE Box OraVet Dental Chews with Each Dental Prophy! (Up to a $33 Value)

What is a Dental Prophy? 

Your pet’s dental procedure is very similar to the one you receive from your dentist, with the exception that your pet will be anesthetized. The teeth are examined, X-rayed (if needed), cleaned, polished and then treated with a topical fluoride.

Does My Pet Need Pre-Anesthetic Testing?

Your pet’s appearance of health may be misleading, and because disorders of kidneys, liver and other internal organs are often not detectable without labwork, our doctors recommend pre-anesthetic blood testing before procedures to help minimize risks. If the results are normal, we can proceed with confidence.

Fleas! Fleas! Fleas!

Finally! It’s Spring, it’s warm, it’s (still) wet, and you know what that means. Seems like some folks got a bit complacent about flea control during all that cold weather and now it’s itch season again! If you took a snooze and forgot about treating your furry friend the past few months, here’s your reminder to get back on schedule with monthly flea preventatives.

For dogs, we like Nexgard, Frontline Plus and Seresto collars. For cats, there’s Revolution, Frontline Plus, or Seresto collars.

No fleas on your pet you say? Great! Then now’s the time for prevention. We want to get them protected, not treat them after they’re miserable!

Save Big on Nexgard all through April! When you buy 2 boxes of Nexgard get 3 additional months of protection FREE!

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