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It's been a busy Summer for our Creative Activist Program (CAP) team and we're excited to announce our newest cohort of creative activists and their projects. But first, we want to thank everyone who applied to be a part of the 2016 program and we encourage you to stay involved and participate in other Network offerings. We have many Network programs and services planned, including monthly events in our three hub cities -  Atlanta, Los Angeles and New York.  

We received a record number of applications this round with great projects - and had to make some tough decisions. We look forward to supporting the Service Award Grantees below. Over the next twelve months, the CAP staff and a team of industry leaders will be working closely with this 2016 cohort of impact media makers to help them achieve project goals, finalize their productions and introduce this new content to audiences all over the world.

2016 Creative Activist Program


Al'Amriki (The American) is a docu-series which follows Hazem Farraj as he explores the roots of radical Islamic terrorism through his own personal experience at the hands of religious aggression.  He then sets out to locate the American Jihadist who abducted the young Iraqi girl who we follow as she bravely comes to the US to share her harrowing account, pleading to the US for them to intervene. 

All We've Lost 

All We've Lost chronicles the story of Bobbi Clincher, an elderly woman, who for the last 30 years has fought to free her son, Barry Beach, from prison. Shot over the span of four years, this documentary is a contemporary tale that balances on the scale of truth and justice, bringing our viewers to the edge of their seat for a historic climax and inspiring ending. LEARN MORE

Be Relentless

In May, 2014, single mom, human trafficking survivor and ultra athlete Norma Bastidas broke the Guinness World Record for the longest triathlon. Be Relentless is the binational and bilingual, feature-length documentary that follows Norma on her journey to break this record and change the world. Be Relentless is paired with a multi-media prevention curriculum offered in both English and Spanish. LEARN MORE

Doin' My Drugs

Doin’ My Drugs is a documentary intended to raise awareness about the ongoing HIV/AIDS epidemic in Zambia, and the developing world. The film follows musician Thomas Muchimba Buttenschøn, born HIV+ in Zambia in 1985 from his early treatment, the loss of both parents to AIDS, his own near death experience, his rise as a pop star in Denmark, to his passionate crusade to eliminate the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS. LEARN MORE

Facing Change: Documenting Detroit

Facing Change: Documenting Detroit is a Documentary Project and Fellowship Program using photography made by 21 emerging and early-career photographers from the Detroit area, illustrating lives of Detroiters throughout the city’s 139 square miles. The images focus on daily life, personal stories, and larger social, political, and economic issues.


Homemade is the intimate five-year journey about a marriage and the effects of PTS, TBI and addiction. Adam Sorensen, a decorated Force Reconnaissance Marine, is struck by an Improvised Explosive Device in 2010 in Afghanistan. Shortly after the blast, Adam returns home with a Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress. 

Kings of the Yukon

Kings of The Yukon is a film project focused on the Yup’ik Eskimos who live on the Yukon River delta in Western, Alaska. When the King salmon fishery collapsed on the Yukon, the delicacy of this balance was disrupted, setting off an economic crisis that is threatening the fabric of their communities and the Yup’ik culture at large. LEARN MORE

Maasai Daughters

Maasai Daughters is a documentary and campaign on the subject of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and early forced marriage in the Maasai community of Kenya. We follow the lives of girls rescued from FGM and early forced marriage as well as the change makers in the community surrounding them. We hope to document social change and the battle for gender equality after these longtime traditions become criminalized in rural Kenya. LEARN MORE


Pathways is a documentary educating viewers on the current state of the immigration system in the United States. The stories of these incredibly brave and driven kids and their families are really the story of America and our humanity – the relentless pursuit of a better life.


Following the death of her father, a 17-year-old girl is sent to live with her estranged family and finds comfort in a questionable friendship with a self-destructive neighbor, leading both on a startling path to self discovery.

Stories of Syria

After 6 years of war, more than 13 million Syrian people are displaced, resulting in the worst humanitarian crisis of our time.  Stories of Syria is a collection of true first-person interviews with Syrian refugees who have made it to the United States. The project focuses on dispelling the myths and stereotypes associated with the Syrian people, as well as the stigma surrounding refugees in general. LEARN MORE

The Burning

Morocco has long been a primary crossing point for the hundreds of thousands of Africans fleeing war and poverty every year, creating another refugee and migrant crisis. This character-driven documentary will follow the journeys of Moses, Yasmine, and a boy called Bambino, inviting you inside the forest camps, detention centers, and sprawling slums of Morocco that they call home. LEARN MORE

The Convergence

The Convergence Graphic Novel Series is a socially-driven graphic novel. It tells the story of a dying earth and the dark covenant that the last civilization acceded to for survival.  The social contract is disrupted when a prophecy is triggered which can heal the dying earth. The author hopes to use the book to create a community of storytellers, artists and activists who can educate the public on the negative global impacts of the palm oil industry. 


The Lyme Trials

The Lyme Trials will chronicle the journey and investigation of two filmmakers brought together by a Lyme disease diagnosis. By conducting interviews on both sides of the divide, comparing peer-reviewed scientific studies, and analyzing historical events and documents, The Lyme Trials will help distinguish fact from fiction in an effort to settle the most contentious debate in modern medicine.  LEARN MORE

The Rebound

The Rebound is an award-winning documentary that follows the underdog journey of the Miami Heat Wheels wheelchair basketball team in their quest for a national title. Three adaptive athletes rally their team to victory while confronting obstacles on and off the court. The story is a visceral portrait of the athletes’ journeys to realize their dreams while facing life’s biggest challenges. LEARN MORE

Through the Checkpoint

“Through the Checkpoint” is a multimedia project providing vision and voice to the the Israeli military occupation and apartheid, calling for the human rights, equity, and freedom of Palestinians, and aiming to help foster a just peace for all living in the region. LEARN MORE


Traces is a cinematic virtual reality film exploring the memories of one woman living with Alzheimer's disease. In the film, the main character Willie White, an 88-year old woman living with dementia, recounts her time as a young girl living in the fields near Mason, Tennessee. LEARN MORE


Sein Win, Pree Paw, and their three daughters were forced to flee Burma due to ethnic conflict and persecution, and resettled in Oakland, California, 5 years ago. From their beginnings in Burma, to their journey to Oakland as refugees and their integration into U.S. society, the film will highlight challenges the family has faced, help they’ve received, and the incredible contributions they are now making to their community in Oakland. LEARN MORE


Over the last five years, more and more South Africans have been using creams, injections and over-the-counter remedies to lighten their skin - by some estimates, up to 35% of South African women - known colloquially as “Yellowbones.” What is behind this recent surge? To find out, Yellowbone will trace the history of race in South Africa, framing its current sociological landscape in the context of its past, and examine the phenomenon of colourism across the planet. 

Year 33

Year 33 tells the story of Cambodia’s burgeoning art revival as seen in the day to day lives of three young, Khmer artists. For centuries, Cambodia was known for its rich artistic culture. Then, in 1975, a communist regime called the Khmer Rouge took over the country and for nearly 5 years instituted a genocide, killing 90% of their artists and intellectuals. Today, Cambodia’s next generation is standing up with resilience, pushing to discover themselves by integrating ancient techniques with contemporary art. LEARN MORE
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