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Alison Kinney on the Bayeux Embroidery
The onslaught of cavalry. The hail of arrows. HIC DOMVS:INCENDITVR. As soldiers set torches to her roof, a veiled woman emerges from the wreckage, leading a child by the hand. You must remember this. More

Feroz Rather: The Shore of the Lake

A footnote in Srinagar

I cannot imagine my cottage in Nagin where every night I battle with the memory of Bashir, his body writhing in dust. I cannot imagine the four polished walls of my bedroom that are supposed to hold together my sundered world because these days that room is my home. More

Tammy Ho Lai-Ming: 101 Rooms

A room where nobody speaks your language

A room that is stuffed with burnt marshmallows. People get drunk in this room and take the wrong umbrellas home. The room is enormous and belongs to e.e. cummings. A room that cannot be photographed. A room in which one’s memory of childhood is rekindled. A room in which Sherlock Holmes plays his violin. A room in which love is made. More

Russell Bennetts: Coffee For 8 More

Why mothers?

I keep getting called a MILF. Like two years ago a male poet called me the “Ultimate Poetry MILF.” He meant it as a compliment. I was like wait a minute that sounds really sketchy and weird. More

David Beer: Get Happy

Taking a measure of happiness

We begin to see how big data might be used to monitor emotional responses or how social media might be seen to provide the very apparatus from which our emotions might be calculated, tracked and even altered. We are left in little doubt that such measures are about power and authority. More

Stuart Elden: Foucault’s Surprises

Peasant revolts, Germanic law and the medieval inquiry

This is the last of Foucault’s courses from the Collège de France to be published. Thirteen volumes in all, edited to the highest standards and an invaluable catalogue of his interests from late 1970 until his death. More

Albert Rolls: Contagious Magic

There will be errata

I read Renaissance texts, those of Shakespeare and his contemporaries, as if they were integrated into a cosmos that was held together with the laws of contagious and sympathetic magic. More

Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei: First Gay Marriage

LGBT struggles in Albania

How did the movement devolve from direct action into charity events for foreign dignitaries soundtracked by the very worst in Albanian pop music? When did we lose our teeth? More

There are clear affinities between Erion Veliaj’s style of propaganda and certain tropes from Albanian socialist realism. More

Emeline Edgewood: X

The promise

There is a veil about the work of X that is different from its postmodern predecessors. More

Menachem Feuer: Body-to-Body

Lena Dunham and Sarah Silverman’s differing comedy

How do Sarah Silverman and Lena Dunham differ on their view of the body and identity? How do they portray the sexuality?  More

j/j hastain: Macromancy

Land experiences orgasm

I have loved, lusted and longed for land. Fierce mustards, lemon balm and turmeric are all here with me in order to reverse the urban meme.  More

Masha Tupitsyn: Get Your Tickets to Africa Ready

The fact that Dave Chappelle is deeply critical and reflective of everything, including himself. The fact that he is profoundly sensitive. The fact that his speech has cadence, that he speaks slowly, takes his time with everything, which Nietzsche said is everything. Is character. Is fate. More

Claire Jarvis: Being in Love

For most of its short generic life, the novel has depended on marriage and childbirth as signs of sexual relationship. Sex, it turns out, always needs metaphor, always needs translation. And it needs it most when it’s called most clearly by its name. More

Oscar Wilde: Phrases and Philosophies for the Use of the Young

The first duty in life is to be as artificial as possible. What the second duty is no one has as yet discovered. One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art. To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance. More

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