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Professional Growth

December 22, 2014

I thought about giving you the week off for the holidays. 

But then again, you might need something to read at all those exciting family gatherings...

Have a good one!


Many professionals get caught in the trap of hiding behind their brands.

The thinking is: customers want to work with brand name firms, not lowly human beings.

Not only is that line of thinking misguided, it ignores the biggest competitive advantage boutique firms have over their brand name competitors: the human touch.

Big brands struggle to appear more human. They do things to 'humanize' their brands. Meanwhile, boutique firms often 'dehumanize' themselves to appear bigger than they are.

But in the end, humans want to work with humans. The brands that embrace their human side, big or small, are the ones that win.  


Why Video is the Holy Grail
of Online Marketing


It's getting harder and harder to ignore video content. 

Text is just too much of a commitment. There's even a shorthand used on the interwebs to describe content that's too much to consume: "tl;dr" = "too long; didn't read."

There's simply no other medium that can tell a compelling story the way video can. No amount of text can compare to a few minutes of high impact video. 

Here are a few predictions on where video marketing is headed in 2015. 

Click here to read the article.


Why You Should Pay Serious Attention to LinkedIn Ads
by AJ Wilcox

I was chatting with a client the other day about how to get started with paid acquisition (i.e. advertising).

The obvious question came up: "where should we place our first set of ads?"

Google is the powerhouse in this space. When your prospects have a question, or are looking for solutions, it's likely the first place they'll look. 

But LinkedIn is becoming an increasingly compelling option for professional services firms.

And if you get started before everyone else catches on, you can take advantage of relatively low competition compared to Google. 


It's natural to want to pull out all the stops to impress a prospective client. But that might just be why you're not closing as many deals as you'd like.

If you operate in a space where clients like to think they can 'do it themselves' — you should expect prospects to try to get as much out of you as possible during sales negotiations.

Because if they can avoid hiring you, they will.

If you're confident in what you do, you can bank on the fact that they'll eventually come around (after trying and failing). 

But you can save yourself some time and headache by avoiding these common mistakes.

Here's a lighter read to round out this week's issue. 

Email is probably the most dangerous threat to your productivity. Even more than mindlessly scrolling through your Facebook feed or watching cat videos.

How is that? Because email feels like work. It feels like you're actually getting things done.

But the truth is, by checking your email multiple times a day, you're probably just avoiding the work you should actually be doing. 

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