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Comfort Temp

Air Conditioning

Shop Promotional Kit

Promote your shop as an Air Conditioning Specialist with the new Comfort Temp Vehicle Comfort Center Shop kit.  This promotional kit identifies that your shop is ready to tackle your customers AC performance issues and offers focused material on air conditioning system repair.

Kit includes:

  • New Four Seasons/Comfort Temp Service Parts Assortment; Part # 24818
  • 2 pairs of safety glasses
  • 2 Vehicle Comfort Center hats
  • 1 “Complete quality A/C repair here” outdoor shop bay banner
  • 4 on-line Four Seasons HVAC training credits & certificates
  • Preferred Technical Service hot-line access PIN magnet
  • One year free subscription to MACS ACtion magazine
  • Rebate scorecard to redeem the Four Seasons CLT1 electronic compressor diagnostic tool*
  • 1 SMP Temp Deslugger™ — Compressor Clutch Timer
  • Customer point-of-sales materials:
    • “Why Dirt Kills” countermat
    • “Why Dirt Kills” consumer takeaway brochure with acrylic stand for display
cc: COM 99924
Comfort Temp AC Promo Kit
Monroe Service Gram

What Does No or Slow Rod Extension Mean

for Replacement Shocks and Struts

Monroe Strut
Piston rods on “low gas” units can take up to 2 minutes to extend, while “non-gas” units will not extend on their own.

Rod reaction can vary between two units of the same design. Once these units are broken in, however, they will provide the same performance.
Learn More - Monroe Service Gram
Parts Plus University

Service & Diagnostics Clinic

Volkswagen 1.9 & 2.0 TDI

The 1.9 & 2.0 Litre TDI engines will be discussed mechanically from its beginnings up to and including its current incarnation with attention paid to items relevant to the technician.  Repairs and maintenance specific to the TDI engine are discussed in detail.  Engine Mechanical, Fuel, Induction and Exhaust After-treatment are discussed.  The TDI engine mechanical and fuel delivery will be explained in detail.  Technical and diagnostic tips and waveform patterns will be discussed throughout the class as each topic is covered.

Course Outline:

  1. TDI Engine Overview
  2. TDI Engine Common Service Operations
  3. TDI Fuel Systems: Pump Duse/High Pr. Common Rail Waveform Patterns
  4. TDI Induction
  5. TDI Exhaust After-treatment
  6. TDI Operation & Engine Control
  7. TDI/VW Scan Tool Primer
  8. TDI Catastrophic Engine Failures & Preventative Repairs

Locations and Times:

Sanel Auto Parts Sanel Auto Parts Sanel Auto Parts
1776 Williston Rd. 219 S. Main St. 255 Vaughan St.
Burlington, VT Concord, NH Portsmouth, NH
Tues, 6/7/2016 Wed, 6/8/2016 Thurs, 6/9/2016
For all locations dinner is at 5:30pm and the clinic begins at 6:00pm.

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