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SAS Safety

Derma-Vue™ Hi-Viz Gloves

The Brightest Glove on the Market

Popular Raven™ formula in bold Invue™ color


Black Nitrile Gloves made popular in recent years do not show oil and dirt build up.  Repair Technicians may not always remove gloves before entering a customer's vehicle. Grease and grime is then transferred the vehicles interior and upsetting customers.


Derma-Vue™ High Visibility disposable gloves in safety green easily shows off how dirty hand really are, reminding technicians to remove gloves before entering a customer's vehicle. This is an easy way to help avoid an embarrassing customer service issue.
SAS Safety Derma-Vue
  • Powder-free exam grade nitrile
  • 6 mil thickness
  • Non-latex
  • High-visibility safety green color
  • Outstanding strength, wear and dexterity
  • Fully textured for enhanced gripping power
  • 100 gloves per box
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66551 - Medium
66552 - Large
66553 - X-Large
66554 - 2X-Large
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Field Update

System Engineering Approach with X-Factor®

Mevotech Engineers take a systems approach to part design.  They break a part down into its structural elements and consider how all elements must work together in order to optimize part performance and longevity.  Parts are then optimized by applying X-Factor® engineering upgrades to each of the structural elements.

System Engineering

Just like the proverbial chain, an automotive part is only as strong as its weakest link.  Mevotech’s systems engineering approach analyzes the various structural elements of a given part and incorporates enhancements which deliver additional performance and durability.  In other words, they examine every link in the chain to ensure the entire part is as robust and strong as possible.
Mevotech X-Factor

Practical Example

Mevotech Supreme’s X-Factored control arms are a typical example of system engineering with X-Factor® enhancements.  The key structural elements - ball joints, bushings and cross sections - are individually engineered to ensure the end result is a premium control arm optimized for performance and extended life.
Mevotech X-Factor Ball Joint

Ball Joints

X-Factor® ball joints include greasable metal bearings which are three times more durable than polymer bearings, as well as oversized ball pins (size permitting) to reduce contact pressure and provide optimal load distribution. A larger housing flange provides additional strength and stiffness while enhanced knurling on the housing allows for a tighter replacement fit where it sits in the control arm.

Why this matters

Control arms, ball joints, bushings, and other suspension parts must work together to provide a smooth, stable ride. When any of them become overloaded or start to fail, there is a ripple effect of pressure on the other surrounding components.  Mevotech aftermarket parts with X-Factor® upgrades are less susceptible to overloading and failure.  This increases part longevity, reduces pressure on surrounding components and helps the part withstand pressure caused by the overloading or failure of other suspension parts.
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Winter Extreme™

The Beam Blade for Extreme Weather

Prevents Ice Build-Up

ANCO Winter Extreme™ beam blades feature exclusive Geo Core, Arctic Armor, and DuraKlear® Plus technologies delivering an advanced high performance winter wiper blade. Optimized for snow and ice, the oversized squeegee remains flexible in extreme temperatures providing a clear-clean wipe.
Anco Winter Extreme Blades
  • Arctic Armor™ hydrophobic shield prevents ice build-up on the wiper blade surface
  • Metal reinforced end caps provide additional strength and protection again ice scraper damage
  • Articulated Contact™ spoiler technology provides superior blade-to-windshield contact
  • Geo Core™ honey comb spoiler design provides light-weight, flexible and durable protection against snow pack and road debris
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Available in sizes from 14" to 28"

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