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Remanufactured Transmissions

Fastest Built to Order Manufacturing System

Moveras manufactures automatic transmissions for virtually every vehicle on the road and is committed to remanufacturing transmissions to the same standards and methodologies used for OEM transmissions.

Moveras Transmissions

Built Fresh

Every unit is Built to Order, so no “stale” inventory

Built Strong

Every unit Dyno tested and includes all current updates

Built Fast

Industry's fastest build to order manufacturing system

Built Smart

Full installation guidelines & tips with each unit

Built Clean

Every unit is built in a World Class manufacturing facility in a “clean room” environment.
Moveras Remanufactured Transmissions

First to Market

Lateral Links for 2014-2016 Dodge Ram 2500

Front end suspension supports directional movement of the vehicle, while rear suspension is designed to provide vehicle stability. An important component in a vehicle’s rear suspension are the lateral links. Lateral links help maintain the vehicle’s balance and steering stability by resisting sideway motions in the rear wheels. They connect the hub to the mid-point of the frame (or sub-frame) of the vehicle. Their primary function is to keep the hub bearing assembly upright and centered while driving.

cc: MEV CMS251196; CMS251203

Mevotech Lateral Link

Hardworking Needs

In general, lateral links have been built to last, however, high stress and heat exposure can weaken the part over time. This is especially important on vehicles like the Dodge Ram 2500, a working vehicle with a flat-bed that often carries a heavy payload in many differing types of terrain. A damaged or broken lateral link may lead to premature tire wear, reduce ride quality, and most importantly compromises vehicle safety.

Why Mevotech Supreme?

Mevotech Supreme lateral links are manufactured with an enhanced cross section to prevent twisting and provide stiffness. They come with graded hardware and are coated with Mevotech’s corrosion resistance to extend the part life. This first to market part is the latest addition of Mevotech’s support for the 2014-2016 Dodge Ram 2500.
3M Cubitron

Cubitron™ II

Cut-Off Wheels

Introducing 3M™ Cubitron™ II 4 inch cut-off wheels. Same cut and life you’ve come to expect, but now in a size that allows you to plunge deeper. Contains patented precision shaped grains for a faster cut, longer life and better finish.


3M 33460
  • Runs cooler with cleaner cut and edge
  • Designed to cut through high-strength steel and aluminum substrates
cc: MMM 33460 4" x .04" x .375"

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