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Comfort Temp

Give AC Compressors Extra Life

Use the Deslugger by Comfort Temp

4 Seasons Deslugger
"Compressor Slugging" occurs when excess oil collects in the compressor after the system has been idle over a period of time.  Unless the oil is purged the slugs of liquid can cause vibration, noise, clutch failure and/or damage to the compressor and AC system.

Vehicles with a low mount compressor may also be prone to compressor slugging.
Strike out Compressor Slugging by using Comfort Temp by Four Seasons new Problem Solving Part, the Deslugger.  This exclusive part has a timer that cycles the compressor multiple times prior to normal operation to gradually push oil and refrigerant out of the compressor before it fully engages.

cc: COM
36140 - Universal Deslugger, and 02-06 Honda CRV's
36141 - 00-09 GM series applications with Denso 10S model compressor
26142 - Chrysler Voyager and Dodge Caravan applications with Denso 10s compressor
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Intermotor Scholarship

Intermotor Import Leader

Offering Scholarships to 2 Deserving Students

Intermotor is excited to announce the return of the Import Leader Automotive Scholarship Competition. Like last year, this year two up-and-coming technicians are given a chance to receive a $5,000 scholarship each. The competition runs until July 15, 2016. Winners will be selected by July 31, 2016.

Eco Sweep

Floor Sweeping Compound

The first 100% USDA certified sweeping compound available. Safe for all floors and performs as well as traditional petroleum oil base sweeping compounds.
Oil Dri L91025EN
• Environmentally friendly.
• USDA certified, recycled content.
• No petroleum ingredients.
• 25 Lb. Box
cc: OIL L91025EN

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