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Friday, February 5, 2016

Send Love to Campus

     Now more than ever, Christ's love is needed on university campuses. The culture on campus claims worth is found in self-centered exploration, higher grade point averages, and lucrative careersStudents yearn to experience agape love.

With your generous gifts, more students develop into world changers...
With your generous gifts, more students develop into world changers...
Faculty are encouraged to engage the campus with the Spirit of Christ.
Faculty are encouraged to engage the campus with the mind of Christ.

Here are 4 WAYS you can join the cause: 

1. Go with us
Students and faculty love interacting with alumni and ministry partners. Your presence at IV events reminds Christians on campus that they are not alone. Join students as they proclaim Jesus and reach out to the lonely and hurting in our community. 

The next opportunity will be the campus-wide and business outreach for LOVE Outpour on February 10. Here are more dates.

2. Provide Care Items ... Send Money
Whether offering table decorations and food for Love Feast dinners, gas cards for retreats and alternative breaks, pens and other supplies for use in inductive Bible studies, or snacks and napkins for the weekly Freely Given and Friendship Tables, your generous gifts equip staff and students to show hospitality and build bridges that foster faith steps.

Your donations vitalize our work with students and faculty at Florida International University. Thanks! Give here.

3. Write Words of Encouragement
Sometimes it's hard for people on campus to see past their current challenges. We overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony.

You can tangibly influence the future by sharing your testimony. Tell us how Christian campus ministry made a difference in your life. Share how you experienced God during your college days and how he is meeting you today. Write your note here

4. Pray ... Pray Some More
Download 10 Ways to Pray for tomorrow's leaders and the educators who influence them.
Visit for more info!
Give Generously
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