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First Quarter 2018

The purpose and mission of the OPS Conveyance Program is to ensure the safe operation of the elevators, escalators and automated people movers in the State of Colorado. We are honored to partner with you to fulfill this goal.
More information about the Conveyance Program is available on our website.

Displaying Conveyance Certificates of Operation 

Conveyance certificates of operation must be readily available at the property where the conveyances are located, but they do not have to be posted in the elevator cars.

Emailing the Conveyance Team 

To allow us to serve you more efficiently, please email us at to request invoices, submit completed affidavits and ask questions about your conveyances.

New Conveyance Database

A new conveyance database with more online options is coming soon. Stay tuned for more information!

Increased Fines for Filing False Reports 

The Conveyance Program issues a Temporary Certificate of Operation (TCO) if significant violations are documented during a conveyance (elevator/escalator) inspection. TCOs expire 90 days after they are issued. The violations noted on a TCO must be resolved and documented within the 90-day time period by either a follow-up inspection or completion of the TCO Correction Affidavit.

We have received several signed TCO Correction Affidavits from conveyance owners, contractors and mechanics when the TCO violations have not actually been repaired. In order to address this issue, the fine for filing a false report on a TCO Correction Affidavit will increase significantly beginning April 1, 2018. The fine may include a civil penalty of up to $1,000 per violation per day. Repeat occurrences by a parent company within a calendar year will cause an additional increase of this fine amount, regardless of which office of that company was responsible for the violation.

In addition to the increased fine amounts, the Conveyance Program may also consider imposing immediate shutdown of the conveyance and, per Section 9-5.5-109 of the Colorado Elevator and Escalator Statutes, suspension or revocation of a mechanic’s and/or contractor’s license, as appropriate.

If you have any questions regarding this change, please contact Erik Trefry at or Bobby Sonnier at

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