NZHRA Monthly Newsletter - April 2015
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Hi <<First Name>>, and welcome to the Monthly Member News.

March has been another busy month in the NZHRA, starting with our usual March Executive meeting, which incorporated our annual Strategy Day.  I'm really pleased with the way all Executives are able to make their opinions heard, while striving to work towards what we think is best for the Association.  During the Strategy Day, we were able to use the results of the recent 2014 Member Survey, to ensure that we try to incorporate the most pressing issues facing our Members, into our forward planning.  We've been able to narrow them down enough to focus our attention on some achievable goals.  Alicia is hoping to get a report from the Strategy Day out to Clubs soon, which should have some more detail.

Minutes from the March meeting, as well as some other important documents, have been emailed to your Club Secretary, so you should be able to keep up with all of that news, at your next Club meeting.

One of those documents is a call for Zone Director nominations, as this year is an election year.  If you think you would like to put your name forward, feel free to speak to your Zone Director about what's involved, otherwise I'd be happy to respond to emails at

Of course, March has also included several large events, both NZHRA Sanctioned and privately promoted.  I have just returned from a very busy weekend at Beach Hop, where we also managed to hold a Zone 3 Meeting, which was all very positive and constructive.

By this time next month, we will know who now owns the '36 Ford lottery car.  Good luck, and make sure you're close to your phones on 17th April!
Yours in Rodding
Warren Pattinson
NZHRA President
Congratulations to Kendall Bradley of Fifeshire Street Rodders Inc. in Nelson, on being voted in as the new Zone 8 Director.  At short notice, Kendall was able to attend the NZHRA's annual strategy day followed by March Executive meeting, which were both held in Tauranga on 6th & 7th March, so it was a pretty quick introduction to how the committee works.

Kendall has been a Member of NZHRA for 40 odd years now, and says that Hot Rodding is a way of life for him.  He has built four hot rods over this time, and has helped numerous others with their builds.  His current rod is a '30 Model A Tudor Highboy, which gets an outing at every possible opportunity.

Now that he is representing Zone 8 Members to the Association, he hopes to support rodders in his Zone to become more active within the NZHRA, and to make sure that their voices are heard.

Welcome aboard Kendall. 

The Mount Shop & NZHRA 2015
Hot Rod Lottery

Thank you to all the Members who worked so hard to sell tickets, and to all the Lottery contacts who tracked them all down and sent them back to the NZHRA office (the tickets, that is - not the Members).  There's been a great response, and we know how much work has gone into this, so thanks again.  We are practically knee deep in tickets butts in the office, which means it's not long now until we know who the new owner will be.

Even though we have requested that Clubs send their ticket allocations back, there is still time for individuals to purchase tickets in person at 2015 Nostalgia Drags and NZHRA Club Champs at Meremere - just look for the NZHRA flags.  


Then, of course, it'll be all about drawing the winning ticket on 17th April, so make sure you stay by your phone on that day!  Of course, we'll put something up on Facebook also, so don't forget to like our page.
Most of you will already know that Hibiscus Rodders' Beach Festival 2015 was a great hit, and their biggest one yet.  What you may not realise is that due to the success of the event, Club Members were able to raise $30,000 for the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust!  That's enough to have their logo applied to the helicopter!  Here's a photo of some proud Hibiscus Rodders Members, as they hand over the massive cheque.

Sharon Morris, show co-ordinator, was quick to insist that all of their supporters receive huge thanks - they know who they are, but you may not:  Mr Garry Christini has been a major sponsor from the beginning; Air Tahiti Nui and House of Travel combined to donate an amazing travel package; Repco were a large sponsor; Trueform Spas donated a spa pool;  Albany Toyota donated a car; Signpost Signs sponsored heaps of signage; and there were many more local businesses who donated goods and services, which were all gratefully received.

Hot rodding.  Gotta love it.
Please remember, if you are an NZHRA Member, you receive a whopping 30% off standard rates on your Hot Rod Insurance!  You'll need your Affiliation number handy, when you call to arrange your cover or a quote, on 0800 456 254.

Congratulations to Wayne Holmes of Stateside Streeters Inc. in Dunedin, for winning Picture of the Month.  So important was the need for this car to be sleek, that the door handles just had to go.  You'll need a remote to open those babies.  Thanks for sending it in Wayne, a copy of The Kiwi Hot Rodder's Guide to Life 2, by Steve Holmes (any relation?) is on it's way to you.

Send in a picture of your vehicle and you could be in to win!  The photo doesn't have to be taken by a professional - as long as it shows off your car's best features.

Every month we will choose a winner, who will receive a copy of The Kiwi Hot Rodders Guide to Life 2 by Steve Holmes.  With your permission, we will also put your photo forward to possibly be turned into a lolly tin, like those you may have seen at The Warehouse.
Please include your Name and Member Number when you send in a picture, so we know who you are, and send the photo to

IMPORTANT - Please ensure you are allowed to send us the photo, and that it is of your car.  If it was taken by a photographer, please let them know that you are sending it in.

This month's winner of this massive bucket of Mothers Car Care products, was Sam Rodgers of Auckland Hot Rod Club Inc.  Congratulations Sam!

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