ICDD springs forward with slimming, pollution protection, and In Cosmetics!
ICDD's latest model for slimming and toning products

ICDD recently expanded its catalog with a new model and package of assays to help you prove your products' ability to reduce fat accumulation for a slim, tone, and firm body.

To substantiate your claims and provide you with an explanation of energetic spending with regard to fat mass, we offer adipocytes and pre-adipocytes combined with tests that measure the mitochondrial bioenergetic balance, ROS (reactive oxyden species), and specific protein targets (in the mitochondria and the cytoplasm) such as UCP1.

Read more about mitochondrial involvement in slimming and toning, and about available tests.
Under development: a new model to evaluate protection from urban pollutants
ICDD focuses significant efforts on helping the skincare industry develop products which will contribute to increased skin cell protection, longer cellular life, improved barrier function and a better functioning extracellular matrix, leading to healthy, more youthful skin.

To help the industry face the important challenge that constitutes urban pollution, ICDD is currently exploring pollutant-induced mitochondrial dysfunction in order to develop appropriate models and tests to evaluate protective cosmetic products.

ICDD believes in putting its expertise to the service of customer health and well-being, which can only be achieved by helping the cosmetic industry develop the best and safest products possible. To this end, all of our models are developed to be fully customizable and as pertinent as possible so as to provide you with information you can actually use to make decisions and substantiate your claims.

ICDD at In Cosmetics Paris 2016 (April 12-14)

Visit our team on stand R90 to learn all about mitochondria, as well as our models and assays!

We look forward to seeing you and discussing your unique needs as well as what you might expect and want from our latest models under development. Help us provide you with the tools you need!

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