Mitochondria, healthy skin, and graceful aging

This new year, help your customers keep their resolutions of beautiful and healthy skin, and graceful aging!

Keeping the skin healthy helps warrant that it will efficiently exert its barrier protection against pollutant and stress, and will radiate beauty. It also carries the promise of touch, and its feel-good sensation carried to the brain by peripheral nerves.
What is the mitochondrion's role in skin health and aging?
Mitochondrial dynamics and distribution contribute to relaying peripheral nerve conduction (1). Mitochondrial function also assures the distribution of energy within the cells and controls oxidative stress. 

Cellular metabolism at the mitochondrial level allows for a unique perspective on how skin changes throughout time and when exposed to different conditions (such as heat or pollution). Mitochondria further control the first lines of anti-oxidant defenses, which are solicited in protecting the skin against damages
from exposure and aging. What is more, aging skin undergoes several other processes, including inflammation, glycation, and DNA damage, all of which involve mitochondria.

ICDD focuses
significant efforts on helping the skincare industry develop products which will contribute to increased skin cell protection, longer cellular life, improved barrier function and a better functioning extracellular matrix, leading to healthy, more youthful skin. ICDD's innovative technologies and expertise allow you to examine your compounds' effects on mitochondria to scientifically substantiate your commercial claims for anti-aging, photo-protection, and anti-oxidation.
(1) Sajic M., Mastrolia V., Lee CY., Trigo D., Sadeghian M., et al., Impulse condition increases mitochondrial transport in adult mammalian peripheral nerves in vivo. 2013. PLoS Bio 11(12):e1001754. 
ICDD's cell models and technologies for claim validation
Anti-aging claims:
Combine our human primary senescent cell model with our innovative and performant technologies to evaluate your ingredients' anti-aging efficacy and ability to reverse age-induced damages. 
Photoprotective claims: 
Use our technologies to examine the Redox status, mitochondrial DNA content, and mitochondrial bioenergetics in cells exposed to relevant doses of UV (A and B), IR and/or heat to evaluate protection against the sun
Anti-oxidation claims:
Measure your ingredients' anti-oxidant activity with our Redox status package at the basal level or after oxidative stress induced by physical or chemical stressors to mimic aggressions such as pollution. 
All our assays have been developed in several cellular models (fibroblasts, keratinocytes, etc.) and are fully customizable to meet your specific needs. Ask us, and together we can determine the most pertinent and meaningful model for you!
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