A look into Saverona and Villa Rosenda Elementary Schools, two of our supported school libraries.
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Saverona and Villa Rosenda are remote barrios in the town of Talugtug, Nueva Ecija.  Both can be reached through a provincial road that connects the town of Munoz and Talugtug.  Public transportation is via tricycle or contracted jeepneys. There is no public market.  There are a few small sari-sari or mobile stores.  

Saverona has had an elementary school and, in the last 4 years has opened a high school. In the 90s, Saverona was subdivided into 2 barrios, Saverona and Villa Rosenda.  

Saverona Elem has 234 K-6 students. Villa Rosenda Elem School has 137 K-6 students.  Both schools have undergone much improvements in the last couple of years.  Previously, 3 classrooms in Saverona were housed in an open gymnasium with temporary walls.  When it rained, they do not have classes and their supplies and books get wet.  They moved to the new building last year. In Villa Rosenda, one of the classrooms was ruined by the last typhoon with a huge tree falling on it. That has been repaired.  

For a few years, both schools had not been able to retain principals.  Two years ago, a new headmaster was appointed for Villa Rosenda.  Last year, Saverona also had a new head teacher. They both were born and grew up in the area.  We hope this will stabilize the administration. 

BKP started getting involved in 2013. Both head teachers were trained by BKP on the reading buddies program. Grades 2-6 now practice reading buddies, and during free time and after school hours, students go back and read books themselves.  Teachers do the picture walk and read to the younger grades.

Students have placed in every contest -- Filipino, science, English, writing and spelling since they began using the BKP program.  This month, students from both schools participated and placed in the English Olympics. Teachers were recognized for their efforts and creativity as well. 

Private and public funding have provided the schools with computers, TV and DVD players.  This has contributed to improved learning as well as after school entertainment. Internet access, however, continues to be a problem. 

Ring In the New Year!

From the board of directors, thank you for all you have done to support BKP!  We wish you and your loved ones a happy and healthy New Year!

At our last library sponsor's meeting, we took some time to clarify and agree on what our current goals are for BKP.  They are:  
 To enable every local Filipino who wants to sponsor a mini-library or support a school in the Philippines to do so, provided the requirements can be met.  (Visit to see a list of requirements.)
 For all the classes in the elementary schools we support to be participating in a reading program.  We recommend Reading Buddies, but will support other reading programs.
► To provide an English-Filipino dictionary to every classroom in the schools we are supporting.
 To work towards sustainable programs with a broader impact. Some of our sponsors work with Rotary Clubs & the Peace Corps to provide more support to their sponsored schools.  In one case, a sponsor's family has provided computers and helped a school obtain clean water. 

If you're interested in opening a library in your hometown, please send an email to

Book Talk & Signing

Planning to retire in the Philippines and looking for investment opportunities? Looking to help family back home start a business?   Join these benefit events in New York and Boston!  

New York
Feb 1 (Mon), 6:30 - 9PM
Philippine Consulate Office
556 5th Ave., New York, NY 10036

Feb 4 (Thurs), 6:30 - 9PM
Harvard University
Fong Auditorium, Boylston Hall

Admission is free, with suggested donation at door. RSVP requested to Ning Zuelke,

Thank you to our event partners: The Philippine Consulate General in New York; The Harvard Philippine Forum; TFC and W+B Advisory Group. 

Save the Dates

Jan 23 (Sat), 9:30 - 12PMCenter Congregational Church in Lynnfield, MA (5 Summer St., Lynnfield, MA 01940)
Bookpacking session.

Jan 24 (Sun), 7PM, AfterHours (Northeastern University Campus, 360 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02115)
Beats For Books, a benefit concert for BKP featuring student performers from around Boston sharing their talent for a great cause.  $5 suggested donation at door. 

Feb 1 (Mon), 6:30 - 9PM, Philippine Consulate Office in New York (556 5th Ave., New York, NY 10036)
Franchising & Business Opportunities for Balikbayans.  A Benefit Book Talk & Signing.  Free admission, suggested donation at door. 

Feb 4 (Thurs), 6:30 - 9PM, Harvard University (Fong Auditorium, Boylston Hall)
Franchising & Business Opportunities for Balikbayans.  A Benefit Book Talk & Signing.  Free admission, suggested donation at door. 




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