Holmes Advisory Committee Update

Holmes Junior High school teachers Steve Dugan, Jennifer Riddle, and Regina Calabrese presented with Assistant Principal Jane Schwartz about Holmes Junior High School advisory. Every Wednesday, time is set aside to focus on building relationships and addressing social emotional learning.

Students participate in groups for team building and “get-to-know you” activities, as well as lessons and activities geared at a variety of other topics such as drug prevention, college/career readiness, and community service.

The board learned how the new advisory format allows teachers to remain with the same students from 6th through 8th grade, forging stronger relationships and connections. As feedback is collected from both students and teachers, Holmes will refine the approach with the goal of strengthening the social and emotional components that prepare students to be successful for life.

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CCSD59 Student Assessment Update

The Board of Education was provided with an update about student assessment by the district’s Instruction department. Department members explained how the CCSD59 Assessment Plan incorporates multiple approaches, methods, and formats of assessments which help identify learner strengths, diagnose weaknesses, and establish instructional goals. This plan includes state and district-level formal assessments and classroom-based assessments.

By utilizing multiple assessments, CCSD59 staff can more accurately plan purposeful instruction to meet the diverse learning needs of our students.

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Board Continues Administration Building Property Discussion

In December 2015, the Board of Education was presented with three administration building property options that address:  

  • Lack of space for staff professional development
  • Lack of adequate parking
  • Functionality of current workspaces
  • Needs of an aging infrastructure such as addressing energy efficiency needs, heating and cooling systems, and fire prevention

On Monday night, board members continued to discuss the needs of the district, how a new or remodeled building might potentially address these concerns, and what property might be best suited for these updates. Discussion about the three potential building options will continue at the board meeting on January 26, 2016.

Watch and learn how Mrs. Sullivan is preparing students to be successful for life.
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