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August 2022
The RUAF Secretariat is delighted to announce that the new issue of the Urban Agriculture Magazine, No. 38, has been released today!

Celebrating over twenty years of RUAF’s work in this field, this issue explores five main areas of interest on urban food systems for the next decade: Resilience, Social inclusion, Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture, Urban Planning, and Governance. Each section shares stories of achievements, explores challenges, and sets out RUAF’s vision of imperatives in the coming years. 
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"The process of putting together this magazine has involved deep reflection on the state of the art across key areas of food systems transformation in the current decade, in which the future of humanity will be determined. An ambitious project, it has brought together thought leaders from across the globe and focused minds towards creating roadmaps for action. We sincerely hope that the publication will help direct and inspire agendas and initiatives of both urban and city region food systems practitioners across the globe".
Dr Jess Halliday, RUAF Consultant and Associate

The downloadable version of the Urban Agriculture Magazine, No 38, is available on our website at
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