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July 2020

The newest issue of Urban Agriculture Magazine (UAM37), Gender in Urban Food Systems, was published this month, with a series of articles identifying the ways in which gender and inclusivity have been neglected in urban food policy, practice and research. We also teamed up with ICLEI Africa, FAO, MUFPP, WWF and partners for #AfricanCITYFOODmonth, to explore how we make resilient and nutritious food systems in African cities.

UAM37: Gender in urban food systems

It’s no secret that the food system has an endemic gender problem. There are significant barriers to participation in food value chains due to socially determined identities, roles, rights and obligations of women and men, and structural inequalities embedded in the system. Most work to address gender inequalities in the food system to date has focused on rural areas, with a particular focus on women producers. But there are vast gendered disparities in urban food systems too, which have been largely neglected by city officials, economic planners and development practitioners.

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#AfricanCITYFOODmonth webinars

The July #AfricanCITYFOODmonth campaign highlighted diverse, innovative and evolving African urban food systems. Webinars throughout the month provided a platform for local governments and food system stakeholders to gain insights into how we can shape sustainable, nutritious and inclusive food systems. Did you miss it? View the webinar recordings on the ICLEI Africa website.
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New episode of Handpicked podcast series

RUAF partner, the Laurier Centre for Sustainable Food Systems just released the last episode of the first season of their podcast, Handpicked: Stories from the Field. Episode 6, “We are all the shepherds of the data”: food, technology and data sovereignty, talks about the connection between food sovereignty and data sovereignty.
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What's on in Nairobi?

Understanding Nairobi’s urban agriculture sector helps to enhance equality and climate resilience. The CGIAR Research Program on Water, Land and Ecosystems, led by IWMI, supported the Nairobi City County, through Mazingira Institute and the RUAF Global Partnership, to apply 12 indicators that would to help define Nairobi’s food system, and outline its progress towards meeting the MUFPP requirements. Mazingira Institute then further investigated women’s and men’s contributions to the city’s food system, and its links to climate change.
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Next UAM: Beyond 20 years of RUAF

This year marks the 20th anniversary of RUAF and Urban Agriculture Magazine (UAM). The next issue of UAM, expected in December 2020, will continue our tradition of agenda setting over urban food issues. It will identify emerging topics to be addressed by cities, organisations and research institutes over the next decade, and promising approaches for doing so. More information to follow.
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Upcoming event: Our future food systems webinar

Join us on Friday 31 July from 14:00-16:00 CAT for the final session of the #AfricanCITYFOOD campaign. This webinar proposes key considerations for improving food systems. It also shares a number of future food visions and the efforts to achieve them. 
  • Patrice Talla, FAO Subregional Coordinator for Southern Africa and FAO representative for Zimbabwe and Eswatini
  • Jane Battersby-Lennard, African Centre for Cities, Cape Town
  • Accra Metropolitan Assembly, Speaker TBC
  • Khodani Mulaudzi, WWF South Africa
  • Elizabeth Kimani-Murage, African Population and Health Research Center, Nairobi
  • Kampala City Council, Speaker TBC
  • Niamey Urban Community, Speaker TBC
  • Vice-Mayor Anna Scavuzzo, Comune Milano, Milan Urban Food Policy Pact
  • Lewis Hove, FAO Subregional Office for Southern Africa
  • Kobie Brand, ICLEI Africa
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