A Life Transition Can Be Your Next Blessing Waiting For You To Enjoy!
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Transitions of Life

They move you forward to a new appreciation of life's simple pleasures

Transitions come in many flavors and sizes.  You may be transitioning to a new job, career, and/or location. You may be putting a plan together for your approach to retirement. You may have an empty nest and want to move closer to your children and grandchildren. You may be a senior citizen that, by necessity, must move from owning your own home to easier living arrangements (non-owner).  You may be facing an illness that requires many changes at once. You may have been served divorce documents.

First of all, at this time, remember --- "It's Going to be OK". You've experienced many transitions before and survived.  This isn't the end -- never is.  I believe we are meant to live forever -- either here or there.

Take a moment to pause and reflect on your blessings.  Realize that even a "failed attempt" has value. Realize that a career near the finish line is the same point as the next starting line.  You've already faced many starting lines before. A new job / career / employer is a new opportunity to enjoy the next set of blessings. A senior citizen moving from home ownership to easier living arrangements often doesn't realize how sour home ownership had become with all of the responsibilities, upkeep, and cost.  Your transition can mean new relationships, new blessings, and a new enjoyment.  New isn't bad, except in a bad fit -- like new shoes of the wrong size.

The "Big Three" are invaluable at this time.

  • Scope  -- What is the Size of This Transition and Whom Does It Affect?
  • Perspective -- Where Do I Stand in the Scheme of this Transition? Is this truly major or relatively normal? Is this the start of a challenge or is this an impending reward for a job well done?
  • Good Information -- You Cannot Move Forward Without It!  Oftentimes you need the help of Personal and Professional Relationships (and a little internet research too) in order to gather good, accurate information.  Surround yourself with those who have earned your trust.

If you decide to pursue these THREE important thoughts, chances are, you will begin to feel a settling in your heart and mind.  You will sense the appropriate blanks being formed on your note paper. The blanks are good -- they tell you where your next step lies or how to approach it.  Is it a visit to your spouse, sister, or brother for personal support?  Is it a sit-down with your lawyer / accountant / financial planner / real estate professional? They have worked to earn the expertise in their craft and if they've earned your trust, talk to them and ask them the questions that will fill in your blanks on your note paper.  It's OK to add more blanks if they come up.

Retirement, for example, may seem shaky or uncertain.  Many retirees go through a "withdrawal" period because their personal definition is and was, for the last 40 or more years, wrapped up and summed up in their job/career.  Take that away, and some feel that who they are has been taken away too.  Not so, in reality.  Who you are was brought into your career, not the other way around.  You lived out YOU in the workplace, in the home, and elsewhere.  The place doesn't define the person.  The person defines their place.  Retirees eventually pass through withdrawal to the "every day it gets better and better" phase.

What do you want now? Where do you want to be? Good question.  Defining what your priorities are for this next step are just as vital as the BIG THREE (above).  Is proximity to your support group (family or friends) most important. Is proximity to what is familiar important? Or do you have an intense desire for something entirely new because you've felt trapped and bored recently?

Embrace this Transition and Reach Out to Your Trusted People.... Then Move Forward With Anticipation of a New Set of Life's Blessings.

Rebecca Kriefski

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