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September 13th, 2019

A Message From The Chair

Tell it to the Children


Never in history has man had such a wealth of information at his fingertips. A few relevant words put into a search engine and you can learn that the Boston Red Sox baseball team started playing in Fenway Park in 1912. Want to know how to make lasagna? Just ask for a recipe and you are ready to cook. While that may be true with sports issues and recipes, when it comes to searching for neutral or a fair and balanced honest citing of sources on political issues or other controversial matters, that is not the case, especially if you rely on first page reporting of relevant links in a Google search. Finding historical truth about the Republican and Democrat party can be as difficult as finding the proverbial needle in a haystack.

Many well-educated people don’t know that Abraham Lincoln not only had an (R) after his name but his Republican party was the party that abolished slavery. Down through history, Republicans changed the nations direction from one of slavery to one that recognized the sacred worth of every human. Through the years they built a structure and they handed it down to us today but now the pillars of that society are being torn down, brick by brick by those who would reject individual achievement for one where big government is to provide our every need. That will destroy our bright light on the hill nation and will bring its own form of slavery upon the people.

Real Republicans know the true history of their party and they are proud of it because Republicans were then on the right side of history and we must see to it that Republicans will remain there. The symbol of our party, the elephant, is admired for never forgetting and so, in like manner, we learn the true facts and we jealously hold onto them. We won’t forget! Our pachyderm has a thick skin and that’s another good characteristic to have, especially in my position as Chair of the VTGOP, where having a thick skin is not only desirable, sometimes it’s a necessity. I am a volunteer, neither receiving salary or reimbursement for expenses so it really is important that I believe in what I do. I am thankful for the opportunity to serve in this way and proud of our Grand Old Party, founded by patriots who cherished liberty and individual rights to the point that they were willing to fight and even die for them.

There is a richness and sense of high purpose being a Republican that comes from the past, is present now and will be in the future and that is why I feel so honored to be a part of it. Republicans today can stand proud and tall as they remember those strong principles that birthed their party and led to the strong nation we became that is the envy of the world. Vermont needs once again to embrace Republicans to bring our government under control and returned to its main purpose of protecting the people so they can innovate, prosper, raise healthy families and future productive citizens.

The Bible teaches that it is the obligation of parents to train and instruct their children in Godly things. In politics, the same principle applies and for many generations our ancestors did pass the ideals of freedom and justice to their daughters and sons. That tried and true way is what we should rely on instead of on-line search engines that will lie and deceive. There is a Celtic song , “Your Daughters and Your Sons” and it speaks of the seeds of freedom, justice, equality and peace. The chorus tells how this will end but we must be true to it and teach our children these things if it is to be so. “Now your music’s playing and the writing’s on the wall and all the dreams you painted can be seen by one and all. Now you’ve got them thinking and a victory you have won, for you’ve sowed the seed of freedom in your daughter’s and your sons."



Deb Billado
Chairwoman, VTGOP

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Liberty Fest 2019
September 14th, 10-3pm, Otter Creek Fun Center (Danby)
Biennial Town Re-organization
September 17th, (Various)
State Committee Meeting
September 28th, 10am, Capitol Plaza, Montpelier
Biennial County Re-organization
October 17th (Various)

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