VTGOP Adopts Reoslution on Racisim
Wednesday, September 22, 2020
Media Contact: Deb Billado

South Burlington, VT - On Saturday the Vermont Republican Party, adopted a resolution addressing racism and highlighting the party’s long history of opposition to acts of racism.  

The resolution honors the many Vermont Republican office holders, both state and federal, who acted on the abolition of slavery, supported civil rights, and the elimination of bias.  The Republican Party was created by the abolitionist movement fielding Abraham Lincoln as its first candidate for President.

“The Vermont Republican Party has a proud heritage of civil rights support for over 160 years," said Chair Deb Billado.  "Our State Committee felt compelled to be very public about our stance in light of national events.  Despite the accusations of Democrats like Joe Biden, Vermonters of color have a wide range of views, and the Republican Party has been, and continues to be a welcoming place for minorities.  The increasing number of people of color running for office as Republicans this year gives testimony to that reality as well."

The text of the resolution can be found below:

Resolution on the Republican Party’s history of confronting racism.

Whereas: The legacy of slavery and its aftermath are a stain on our Nation's history and contravene the words and the stated intent of our Nation's founding documents; and

Whereas: The Vermont Republican Party was created to support the abolition of slavery while preserving the Union; and

Whereas: Vermont Republicans such as Solomon Foot, Jacob Collamer, George Edmunds, Justin Morrill, Ernest Gibson, Ernest Gibson, Jr., Ralph Flanders, George Aiken and Julius Cannes, among others, have demonstrated by their leadership and by their actions the Party's long commitment to the abolition of slavery, the promise of Reconstruction in the post-Civil War South, the resistance to Jim Crow and the fight for the civil rights and economic freedom of Black Americans; and

Whereas: Despite the efforts of many, racism, a blight on our common ideals, continues even today in ways that negatively impact the lives of Vermont's People of Color; and

Whereas: Vermonters have witnessed national scenes of violence against People of Color and their businesses that shock the conscience, calling attention to the need to reinvigorate and continue the work begun by the founders of the Vermont Republican Party to ensure that every citizen is vested with, and entitled to, liberty and justice under the law; and

Whereas: Success in reaching that goal requires all of us to understand and recognize racism's corrosive effect on society, learn how to address it, and work to ensure that Vermont and America are welcoming to all.

Therefore, be it Resolved: That the Vermont Republican Party will continue to confront racism where ever it exists

That the Vermont Republican Party continues its 166 year commitment to treat all Americans as worthy, equal and welcome partners in our democracy distinguished by their unique contributions to our state and, individually, by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin, and

That the Vermont Republican Party and its candidates pledge to continue to reach out to people of color; welcome them into our midst and ally with them in the common effort to bring hope and opportunity to all Vermonters without regard to race, color, creed, national origin, gender, sexual orientation or disability.

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