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Oct. 8, 2021

A statue of St. Michael the Archangel defeating Satan sits high in the sanctuary of St. Peter the Fisherman Church in Mountain Home. (Mary Jo Rudnik photo)

Helping us get to heaven

Angels are God's servants and messengers, but they're also here to help us get to heaven by praying for us and interceding on our behalf. According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, "Every one of the faithful has an angel standing at his side as educator and guide, directing his life." Learn more about what they are and how they help guide our lives in Arkansas Catholic’s special section “All night, all day, angels are watching over us.”


Peace be with you. “...without me, you can do nothing” (John 15:5). That is a pretty bold statement, even for Jesus. What does he mean? Part of what he means is that his love not only created us but at every moment sustains us. That’s pretty mind-blowing -- that God is actively loving each person at each and every moment.

In his book, "Interior Freedom," Father Jacques Philippe writes, "The most important thing in our lives is not so much what we can do as leaving room for what God can do.”

Reflection: Pause today and deliberately make some room for silence. Stay with the words that have the most energy for you from this piece of Good News. Who is God for you? What is his gift or invitation? What does he want to set you free from? Take some time today with Jesus and this Scripture. Visit with him about your resolve to your vows to him in baptism and marriage. Ask for what you need. Listen deeply. When life gets difficult, take your problems to Jesus. Ask for help. Listen for his response.

— Deacon Danny Hartnedy

Priests of the Sacred Heart (Dehonians USA)
ONE CHURCH: Unite Arkansas in Faith and Mission

St. Teresa of Avila

Oct. 15

St. Teresa was born March 28, 1515, to a wealthy family in Castilian Spain and educated in an Augustinian convent. She entered the Carmelites in 1536, began practicing contemplative prayer during a long illness and worked to reform her Carmelite convent. In 1555, she founded the reform-minded Discalced Carmelites. She was named a doctor of the Church in 1970.

She is famous for her books...


How to prepare for inflation

All the talk on the news about inflation is a little scary. Is there any way to protect yourself against it on a day-to-day basis? Dave advises that there is no need to panic and offers several ideas and strategies to keep up with potentially rising prices.


A writer's wisdom

Catherine “Cackie” Upchurch, retired director of Little Rock Scripture Study, released her latest book, “What Does the Bible Say About Slavery and Freedom?” Read more about the book and her efforts to share the faith. 
Golden lift chairs from TruMotion


9-10: Youth Advisory Council Meeting, Little Rock
10: 2021 Senior High Youth Rally, Little Rock
12-14: Fall Education Days for Clergy, Little Rock
16: Public Square Rosary Crusade, Little Rock
18: 26th Bishop McDonald Memorial Golf Classic, Hot Springs Village


"We need to listen to others, make their sufferings our own and look into their faces. This takes real courage: the courage of compassion, a courage that goes beyond complacency, beyond the mindset of 'it doesn't concern me.'"

— Pope Francis pleading for peace, compassion and care for the earth, Oct. 7

October aSpirations

• Catholic schools see enrollment increases
• Carholis supporting fundraising for Conway campus ministry 
• Legal community comes together for Red Mass
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