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February 12, 2021

Pope Francis sprinkles ashes on the head of a cardinal as he celebrates Ash Wednesday Mass in 2020. (CNS / Cristian Gennari, pool)

Ashes to ashes

Ash Wednesday is one of the busiest days for Mass in the Catholic Church behind Christmas and Easter. On Feb. 17, the distribution of ashes will look different because of the pandemic. This method, new to us, has historical roots linking to ashes' role in penitence. It's the normal way in other parts of the world, including Vatican City. Watch this video for an explanation. 


“I want to love God as he has never been loved before.” (St. Therese) On Sunday many will celebrate St. Valentine's Day. St. Valentine was a martyr in the early Church. He was arrested for offering the sacrament of marriage to Christian couples; thus his connection with love. Authentic love as revealed by Jesus and the martyrs has several qualities. Love must be free, faithful, fruitful and total.

Reflection: Spend a few minutes with the Lord today and explore your understanding and experience of love. How have you experienced God loving you? How have you loved as Jesus loves? 

 — Deacon Danny Hartnedy

Priests of the Sacred Heart (Dehonians USA)
ONE CHURCH: Unite Arkansas in Faith and Mission

St. Benedict of Aniane

February 12

Next to St. Benedict of Nursia, considered the father of Western monasticism, St. Benedict of Aniane influenced the shape of Benedictine monasticism more than anyone else. He promulgated a monastic reform that lasted nearly two centuries. He died in 821.
From faith to ...


Bust budgeting myths

I made a resolution to start following your plan in 2021. I talked to my parents about this, and while they like some parts of your teaching, they don’t think living on a budget is necessary if you make good money. They also said budgeting is extremely difficult. 
Talk a little trash ...


What is your money doing?

Bishop Taylor kicked off the annual Catholic Arkansas Sharing Appeal Feb. 6-7. The goal is to reach $2 million by Dec. 31. Your contribution goes to ministries that serve youth and college students, support missionary sisters, educate seminarians and Catholic school children. Learn more here.

Golden lift chairs from TruMotion


14: World Marriage Day
15: Presidents’ Day, diocesan offices and schools closed
17: Ash Wednesday
17: Ash Wednesday collection in all parishes
20: Rite of Election, Rogers
21: First Sunday of Lent
21: Rite of Election, Little Rock
22: Rite of Election, Texarkana
Many events in the diocese have been changed or canceled


"When you start to feel anger, dissatisfaction or something negative, stop and say, 'Lord, where are you and where am I going?' The Lord is there. And he will give you the right word, a piece of advice for moving forward without this bitter, negative taste, because prayer is always -- to use a secular word -- positive. It moves you forward."

— Pope Francis, Feb. 10

February aSpirations

MLK March•  What bills is the Diocese of Little Rock watching in the state legislature?
•  Meet Frank Klein of Fort Smith, 80 years old and going strong.
•  St. Joseph Church in Conway is planning to build a new high school this year. 
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