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July 9, 2021
Pope Francis elevates the Eucharist during Mass on the feast of Corpus Christi in St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican June 6. (CNS / Giuseppe Lami, Reuters pool)

I believe

Discussion has heated up about Church teaching on the Eucharist, what it truly is and who should be allowed to receive it. The U.S. bishops' conference voted in June to draft a document covering three ideas: A mystery to be believed, a mystery to be celebrated and a mystery to be lived. The "lived" section has spurred some controversy. Bishop Anthony B. Taylor shared his view of the bishops' discussion and the as-yet-unwritten document. 


“Keep my faith undefiled ... I ask you (Lord), and let this utterance of my convictions, even to the last breath of my spirit: That I may always hold fast to that which I professed in the creed ... when I was baptized in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.” (St. Hilary)

Reflection: Spend a few minutes doing a prayerful reading of the creed. Notice your current level of conviction. Visit with God about it. Ask for what you need and desire.

— Deacon Danny Hartnedy

Priests of the Sacred Heart (Dehonians USA)
ONE CHURCH: Unite Arkansas in Faith and Mission

Sts. Antony and Theodosius

July 10

Sts. Antony and Theodosius were abbots of the monastery of the Caves of Kiev in what is now Ukraine. Antony founded the monastery, where he sought solitude and self-denial in imitation of St. Antony of Egypt. Theodosius, one of his monks, succeeded him. He reformed the monastery, focusing less on the practice of mortification and more on community life, the importance of serving people in need and evangelization.
And from there to ...


When collectors call

I’ve paid off almost all my debt, and I’m living on a monthly budget. Recently, I got a call from a debt collection company about an old medical bill. They threatened to garnish my wages, and from the way they talked, I’m afraid they may actually do it. How should I handle this situation?
First, don't panic. Then ...


Recovering from surgery

Pope Francis was hospitalized July 4 and underwent surgery on his sigmoid colon, the lowest part of the large intestine, the Vatican press office said. By July 7 the Vatican reported that "The post-operative progress of His Holiness continues to be regular and satisfactory."

Golden lift chairs from TruMotion


10-11: Peter’s Pence Collection in all parishes
16-18: Search #148, Little Rock
23-25: Arkansas Catholic Charismatic Conference, North Little Rock
25-31: Natural Family Planning Awareness Week
26: Memorial of Sts. Joachim and Anne


"How often, in the face of the Lord's great works, does the question arise: How is it possible that God uses a sinner, a frail and weak person, to do his will? And yet, none of this happens by chance, because everything has been prepared in God's plan."

— Pope Francis, June 30

July aSpirations

Sisters in Batesville• One priest has left for India and another priest is retiring.
• For the first time, sisters are permanently assigned to work in Batesville and Newport.
• Springdale sisters track ministry trends on an app to find common concerns and needs in their area.
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