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Engelstalig Mini-Symposium

Friday 24th of April 2015 
Mini-Symposium Religious Heritage Friesland

I.c.w. TU Delft en Stichting Alde Fryske Tsjerken

Date: friday 24th of April 2015
Time: 13:45 -21:15
Place: de Ark (Zuidergracht, Leeuwarden)
Voertaal = Engels

“Wide vistas and long views are characteristic for the rural landscape in Friesland. The man made landscape shows everywhere little timeless communities spread over the countryside, which appear as small pearls in an environment dominated by the strong linear horizon. The power of nature is always present by the unpredictable strong winds and monumental compositions of white and grey clouds, changing in a fantastic colourful palette of  orange, purple, red, yellow tones during the transitions from day and night.
In this landscape small churches are at the core of the villages. The churches are raised on an artificial hill (terp), standing in the middle of the settlement. The church and the surrounding dwellings create an unifying ensemble. Forming a complementary composition they reinforce each other. They are the witness of a dissolved religious society, which was unable to abridge the achievement of natural sciences and humanities. Nowadays the architectural archetype of the small rural church still occurs as a landmark in the landscape. Since nearly no-one is attaining a religious service anymore the small church buildings are often left alone. The present question is if our society is able to put a new meaning on these small settlements so they can stay a significant artefact in our cultural environment.”
(Alexander de Ridder, Lecturer TU Delft)
In cooperation with TU Delft, ARK Fryslân organizes a mini-symposium about Frysian Religious Heritage on Friday 24th of April 2015. In following of the visit of  Masterstudents Architecture of TU Delft to our Province this mini-symposium will take place in the Ark (Zuidergracht, Leeuwarden).  The students are invited by Stichting Alde Fryske Tsjerken in honor of the 45th anniversary of their foundation. They will visit 5 Frisian churches, for one of which they eventually will make a design from masterplan to detail. The aim of this mini-symposium is to delve into the context of these rural churches, illustrating, describing and analysing the essence of their past, present and possible future.  Several experts will discourse the rural church from all perspectives.
Participation & Costs

The mini-symposium is open to a select number of visitors, due to the limited capacity of the Ark. If you’re interested, don’t wait too long to respond to this emailaddress: . You can subscribe till friday the 17th of April.
Cost for participation is €15,- a person. (this is including dinerbuffet)
Because of the international approach of the Master of TU Delft the leading language will be English.


14.00 Official Opening / Alexander de Ridder
14.10 Theme 1: Changing Conditions / Gerhard Bakker Managing Director Stichting Alde Fryske Tsjerken
14.30 Theme 2: Landscape / Els van der Laan Managing Director bureau Noordpeil
15.15 Theme 3: The Church / Albert Reinstra  Specialist Religious Architecture RCE  
16:00-16:15 Short Break
16.15 Theme 4 : Research in Building History / Frank van der Waard Architectural Historian
17.00 Theme 5 : Conservation of Monuments / Gertjan Timmer Monumentsadvisor hus&hiem
17.45-18:15: Discussion
18:15-19:45: Diner buffet (contribution €5,-)
19.45 Theme 6 : Design practice 1 /  Gerben Brouwer Architect
20.15 Theme 6 : Design practice 2 /  Gunnar Daan Architect
21.00 Closure & Drink


Dutch Translation/ NL Vertaling

In samenwerking met de TU Delft organiseert ARK Fryslân op vrijdag 24 April een mini-symposium over Religieus Erfgoed in Friesland. Het minisymposium vindt plaats in de Ark (Zuidergracht, Leeuwarden) in het kader van een bezoek van Masterstudenten Bouwkunde van de TU Delft aan onze provincie. Zij bezoeken op uitnodiging van Stichting Alde Fryske Tsjerken, die dit jaar haar 45-jarig bestaan viert, een vijftal kerken waarvoor zij uiteindelijk een ontwerpopdracht uitvoeren. Het symposium zal voor hun het startpunt zijn voor een ontwerpopgave van één van deze friese kerken.

Het mini-symposium is ivm de capaciteit van de Ark opengesteld voor een beperkt aantal bezoekers. Meldt u daarom zsm aan door een mail te sturen naar: . Inschrijven kan t/m Vr 17 April.

Kosten voor deelname is €15,- p.p. (dit is incl. buffet)

Let op! de voertaal is Engels!

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