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November: 2017

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Dear Friend,

December and colder air have arrived here in New Jersey, but our being busy in the office has kept us warm. Both the SBL and MESA conferences have gone very well and we enjoyed talking with all of you who were able to stop by! We are currently preparing for the AJS conference and would love to have you stop by booth 134 if you are there. The Annual Sale will be coming to a close at the end of this month, so I encourage you to take advantage of the 40% discount while you can. A list of newly released books is below and all of them are included in the Annual Sale.

In this issue of e-Gorgias, you'll find announcements about recently released and upcoming books, which are discounted at 40% during the Annual Sale.  Additionally, we have news about an interview George Kiraz did regarding Gorgias Press, information about an upcoming workshop, and a note about AJS.



Brandon Allen, Marketing and Editorial Assistant

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For the complete list of recent publications, which are discounted at 40% during the Annual Sale, please visit our New Releases page.

The Socio-Economic History and Material Culture of the Roman and Byzantine Near East
Edited by Walter D. Ward
ISBN: 978-1-4632-0701-4
Hardback: $95.00; Annual Sale Price: $57.00 (You Save: $38.00)


The Socio-economic History and Material Culture of the Roman and Byzantine Near East collects thirteen papers written in honor of S. Thomas Parker by his colleagues and former students. S. Thomas Parker is one of the most influential archaeologists of the past half century who have worked on the Roman and Byzantine remains of Jordan He is responsible for excavations at the Roman legionary fortress at Lejjūn, the Nabataean and Roman Red Sea port of Aila, and more recently, domestic structures in the Nabataean capital of Petra.

These papers focus on four areas of Parker’s legacy in Near Eastern archaeology: regional survey, material and written culture, the Roman military, and the economy. Topics discussed include: examinations of settlement patterns in central and southern Jordan in the Neolithic period and Iron Age, road systems around the southern Dead Sea, how ceramic lamps and glass provide evidence about culture in the region, and how a Nabataean inscription from Bir Madkhur provides evidence of the divinity of Nabataean rulers. 

Other articles discuss the impact of Roman military pay on the economy around Petra, how Roman engineers designed fortresses in the Near East, the composition of military units in Petra in the Roman and Byzantine periods, how the economy of Caesarea Palaestinae fits into discussions of the ancient economy, how Romans viewed women and luxury goods, and what archeobotanical research can indicate about land use and agriculture in the region. The most controversial paper, which uses evidence from the largely unpublished excavation of the Temple of the Winged Lions in Petra, argues that scholars have been misdating Nabataean ceramics. If accepted, this could cause a re-evaluation of dates in Petra and elsewhere in the region.

Moshe Bar Kepha's Cause of the Celebration of the Nativity
Edited and Translated with an Introduction by Abdul-Massih Saadi
ISBN 978-1-4632-0733-5
Paperback: $60.00; Annual Sale Price: $36.00 (You Save: $24.00)


This book is a part of series of Causes of Celebrations written by Moshe Bar Kepha (813-903). These Causes are unique in that they demonstrate a new genre of the Syriac literature initiated by the East Syriac authors at the beginning of the sixth century. Moreover, these Causes reveal the appreciation and dependency of Moshe Bar Kepha on the East Syriac sources despite the ecclesiastical doctrinal separation between the East Syriac and West Syriac churches.

As a master of harmony of the Syriac literature, Moshe Bar Kepha adopts the early writing of the Cause of Nativity of the East Syriac author, Thomas of Edessa (d. 543), providing a masterpiece of hermeneutic theology and Christology for both East and West Syriac traditions. Moreover, he raised his exegetical studies to new heights of ecumenism, apology, and contextualization.


From Creation to Redemption: Progressive Approaches to Midrash
Edited by W. David Nelson & Rivka Ulmer
ISBN 978-1-4632-0736-6
Hardback: $95.00; Annual Sale Price: $57.00 (You Save: $38.00)


This volume contains selected proceedings of the Midrash Section sessions convened during the 2015-2016 meetings of the Society of Biblical Literature. It is comprised of contributions by both leading and emerging scholars of Midrash whose research shares a common focus on early and medieval rabbinic biblical interpretation. Additionally, the research on Midrash in this volume intersects with a range of related biblical texts, religious themes, and foundational and forward-thinking methodologies and interdisciplinary academic fields of study, including: Gender Studies; Classics; Jewish Studies; Religious Studies; Literary Studies; the Aqedah/Binding of Isaac; biblical parables; and, medieval rabbinic biblical commentary.


Bethlehem's Syriac Christians
By Mark Calder
An anthropological study of Syriac Orthodox Christian identity in a time of displacement, upheaval, and conflict. For some Syriac Orthodox Christians in Bethlehem, their self-articulation - the means by which they connect themselves to others, things, places and symbols - is decisively influenced by their eucharistic ritual. This ritual connects being siryāni to a redeemed community or 'body', and derives its identity in large part from the Incarnation of God as an Aramaic-speaking Bethlehemite.

ISBN 978-1-4632-0637-6, Hardback: $95.00; Annual Sale Price: $57.00 (You Save: $38.00)

Introduction to Aramean and Syriac Studies: A Manual
By Arman Akopian
Originally published in Armenian, this comprehensive introduction to Aramean and Syriac studies provides a gateway to the history, language, culture, and religion of the Aramean/Syriac people from the ancient times, through to the  modern day. Special attention is given to such topics as translation and literary activity of the Syriacs, their missionary zeal and role as an intercultural medium, denominational fragmentation,  and identity issues. The book is intended for the students of Oriental and Semitic studies but will be of value to anyone intersted in the history and cultural heritage of Christian Orient.

ISBN 978-1-4632-0738-0, Paperback: $75.00; Annual Sale Price: $45.00 (You Save: $30.00)

Interview with George Kiraz about Gorgias Press

At the beginning of November, George was interviewed by Nadirah Mansour (a graduate student in the Department of Near Eastern Studies at Princeton University) for New Books Network (!  The interview covers information about the creation of Gorgias Press, how the press is ran, and the future plans for the press. The interview (which is almost 19 minutes long) can be heard by following this link:

Workshop: From Oriens Christianus to the Islamic Near East

In just a few days, there will be an international workshop which is entitled From Oriens Christianus to the Islamic Near East: Theological, Historical and Cultural Cross-pollination in the Eastern Mediterranean of Late Antiquity. The workshop will focus on the crossroads where exchanges occurred between Oriental Christendom, Byzantine culture, and the Islamic world in the Eastern Mediterranean during Late Antiquity. The main goal is to consider the possibilities of taking a unified/holistic approach in understanding the "Sattelzeit" (the period between 500 to 750 CE). 

The workshop takes place December 7th and 8th at Freie Universität Berlin (FU Berlin) and is open to all interested specialists and PhD students. This workshop is the result of the collaborative effort of the Chair of Byzantine Studies at FU Berlin, Radboud University, and Gorgias Press. For more information, visit the following page on our website:

Gorgias Press at AJS

Gorgias Press will be at booth 134 at the upcoming AJS conference in Washington, DC later this month. Yael Landman, our acquisitions editor of Hebrew Bible, Ancient Near East & Jewish Studies, will be representing us. Stop by and see her if you are attending to receive special conference discounts and a chance to win a free book with our raffle!
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