OrganicERs Newsletter Vol. 1, #1, September 2014

Another Flipping Organic Course, by Vince Maloney

The What, How, and Why of Flipping a Course

Since I've just finished the year having "flipped" my entire two semester organic chemistry sequence, I have been asked to relate my year long experience for the organicERS website.  It’s been both an enjoyable and stressful year. Over the course of the blog posts, I’ll explain why it turned out to be both. more

We started with a couple of workshops (Charlotte in 2013, Denver in 2014).  In July we had about 70 members.  At BCCE, we publicly announced this new community with a gathering at the picnic.  BCCE publicity brought 28 new members. Recent social media posts (LinkedIn and Facebook) led to 30 more, many international.  Our membership roster is now 134!

This newsletter has a short survey with questions about textbooks, homework, student DFW rate, and your observations about the website.  Some of these topics are conversation starters.  Others are intended to help the leadership board improve the website to make it more useful for community members.  Please share your opinion with us!

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My favorite part of the website is the forums, because they allow me to ask questions of the community at large. Sometimes these questions lead to conversations with other chemistry faculty members who I may not have known previously.  -Jennifer Muzyka

We hope you will visit the organicERs website to find other community members, discover resources and shared interests, and discuss issues in the forums.

OrganicERs Leadership Board
Justin Houseknecht
Vince Maloney
Jennifer Muzyka
Cathy Welder

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