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Working on Transition and Sustainabuility Issues 

Curatio International Foundation continues work related to transition from the Donor funding to national budgets and sustainability of programs/activities that previously were funded externally. In particular, we have developed a Transition Preparedness Assessment Framework, that will help governments and The Global Fund Secretariat to ensure the smooth and responsible transition and sustainability of public health gains reached with TGF financial support.

The framework was piloted in four Eastern European countries during the 2015. This year, it is planned that TPA’s will be conducted in several countries outside of EECA region.

Regional High Level Dialogue ‘Road to Success’, Tbilisi, Georgia

Regional High Level Dialogue:  Successful Transition to Domestic Funding of HIV and TB Response in EECA took place in Tbilisi, Georgia. Among other speakers at the Dialogue president of the Curatio International Foundation Ketevan Chkhatarashvili has presented findings and recommendations of  a study: Transition from TGF support and programmatic sustainability in four EECA countries. You can watch the presentation video here.

Bio-Behavioral Surveillance Survey implemented in 7 cities of Georgia

Curatio International Foundation conducted the Bio Behavioral Surveillance Survey (BBS) in seven major cities of Georgia among representatives of three groups under highest risk of HIV/AIDS: People Who Inject Drugs (PWIDs), Men who have Sex with Men (MSM), and Prison inmates. The study aims to generate reliable information to plan preventive interventions targeting key populations at risk of HIV/AIDS. A study report for PWIDs is  already available here. The other study reports will be published during the month of April.

What can be done to improve treatment adherence among tuberculosis patients in Georgia: Looking through the health systems lens

CIF Implements a new research project with the aim to provide a more in-depth understanding of the factors associated with interrupted treatment among TB patients.  The project is funded under the Joint TDR/EURO Small Grants Scheme for Implementation Research in Infectious Diseases. Read more

TB Community Systems Strengthening in Georgia

We are glad to announce that the Curatio International Foundation has been selected to be Round 7 Challenge Facility for Civil Society (CFCS) grantee under the Stop TB partnership financial support. TB Community Systems Strengthening (TBCSS) project in Georgia aims to build up integrated and comprehensive response to TB that is patient-centered and includes strong partnership with communities and civil society. Read more

Population Size Estimation of Men Who Have Sex with Men in Tbilisi, Georgia

Journal Plos One publishes an article authored by CIF researchers, Population Size Estimation of Men Who Have Sex with Men in Tbilisi, Georgia; Multiple Methods and Triangulation of Findings

Curatio International Foundation conducted the population size estimation of men who have sex with men (MSM) in Tbilisi, Georgia in 2014. The authors compare estimates of the MSM population living in Tbilisi with other estimates in the region. See the page to read the article.

EPIC Studies – Governments Finance, On Average, More Than 50 Percent Of Immunization Expenses, 2010–11

Journal Health Affairs publishes a new Article EPIC Studies: Governments Finance, On Average, More Than 50 Percent Of Immunization Expenses, 2010–11 co-authored by CIF team member Keti Goguadze. The article presents findings of an innovative approach for financial mapping of routine immunization applied in Benin, Ghana, Honduras, Moldova, Uganda, and Zambia. Read more

CIF Summer Internship Program 2016

Thank you to all of the applicants, who submitted our internship application. The Summer internship program was open from February 18th to March 7th. Since 2002 CIF attracts Master and PhD students from around the world, who are interested to have the first-hand experience in the real-life setting and to contribute to the research projects implemented by the organization. Read more

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