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8 Ways to Love Your Spine

Valentines Day is all about loving those in your life, but let's not forget about loving your body! It's pretty simple to treat your spine well and ensure you are preventing health issues in the future. Today, we offer you an easy list of ways to do just that. Take a look and consider incorporating some of these ideas into your daily life.

  1. Shoes: Stop worrying about the most stylish shoes and start shopping for comfy ones! These days, comfy is often fashionable. Slash the heels and bring on the support. Check out this list for suggestions.
  2. Sleeping: Choose a firm mattress and sleep on your back with a pillow under your knees, not your stomach! The Sleep Foundation offers a few ideas here.
  3. Swimming: Swimming is one of the best ways to get exercise, and it’s easy on the back and spine. If you haven’t been swimming in years, give it a try! Your local YMCA usually has a low-cost membership that comes with access to a lap pool.
  4. Massage: This one can be pricey, but it is one of the most relaxing ways to love your spine well. Monthly massage memberships can slash the price and many insurance companies will reimburse treatment cost (give them a call). Talk to your doctor to see if a medical massage can be incorporated into your treatment plan.
  5. Stretching: Most people aren’t stretching enough, but they are missing out! Stretching is not only important, but also feels amazing. Incorporate a few of the stretches found here into your routine.
  6. Foam Rolling: Grab yourself a foam roller and actually use it. Foam rolling is an easy way to love your spine by rolling out stressful knots, reducing tension, and improving joint mobility. Watch this video for a how-to on getting started.
  7. Hydrate: You’ve heard it for years, but it never gets old. Hydration is great for all-around health and specifically spine health. Luckily, there are so many great options out there besides plain old water. Make it fun by stocking up your favorite flavor of sparkling water or squeezing fresh fruit into a pitcher in the fridge. 

Your choices matter! Behavior and lifestyle choices can help prevent back and neck pain. Taking care of your back and spine properly can greatly reduce the risk of developing back pain on an occasional or chronic basis.
Simple changes can make a huge difference. This image displays a simple way to alter your body's position and ensure optimal spine health.

Prolonged sitting can also lead to back pain, especially when we sit improperly. Read more tips on how to avoid sitting throughout the day!

Prevention, mindfulness, and developing core strength and flexibility are essential to combat the negative habits of our daily lifestyle that can damage our spine, including text neck! Learn more about text neck here.
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