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The Indiegogo & Book Release Party Are a Wrap

So what's next?

The Book Release Party

Last night was a huge, awesome, exciting night. We had about 20 people come out to ToonSeum to celebrate the release of The Horrible Plan of Horace Pickle, with delicious potatoes provided by Brian Rice and awesome music by DJ Dreux Priore. The museum exhibits were amazing too, which original artwork from Marvel & DC comics, prop recreations from the Marvel movies, and tons of great info on each piece. I couldn't have asked for the evening to go any better! Thank you to all the folks who helped make it happen.

Indiegogo Success!

The Indiegogo campaign ended around midnight PST last night with a whopping $1,107 in pre-orders and contributions! Even though it didn't reach its goal, that's still a wild success. Over the next couple of weeks, each contributor who got the bonus copy of the book will receive an email with instructions on how to have their book sent to a location or person of their choice. The proceeds from the Indiegogo will help with distribution of the book and conventions.

So what's next??

OK, since you keep asking

The Horace Pickle #ReadAlong!

Did you know that The Horrible Plan of Horace Pickle takes place in November? That means, right now, August, Maggie, Horace, and Lane are doing something... possibly nefarious. You can join me on Twitter as I tweet about what's happening in the book right now, including some things that aren't mentioned in the book. It's a spoiler-free way of learning more about the book, or if you've already read it, to learn more about Windsmith and the characters in it. Just go on over to Twitter and join the fun!


New Website:

I'm excited to announce that one of two website projects is ready to go: is live! Unlike which is just a landing page, will have more actual content including short stories, trivia, artwork, other projects, and my blog.

"Wait, did you say 'one of two website projects' and then 'other projects' just now?"

Indeed I did, but I can't talk much about those at the moment. I'll be working on the other website project as much as possible while also working on NaNoWriMo.

Speaking of NaNoWriMo

National Novel Writing Month is a challenge taken by writers everywhere. While it helps to inspire and motivate others like myself, the folks at NaNoWriMo work tirelessly to make sure it can happen each year and to spread the joy of writing to even more students in every corner of the Earth. And you can help. As a charitable organization, they rely on donations from friends like you to continue to operate. There's lots of ways you can support them, by donating directly or purchasing merchandise, or by using one of these other ways to give. Even $2 can make a difference, so please donate today!

In the mean time, I'm way behind on my word count so I'd better get back to writing!


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