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Bolsonaro challenges Brazilian journalism

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It's done. Bolsonaro will be our next president. Journalism will face tough years ahead. It's time to stay steady and strong. And it's time to support Brazilian journalism. Here there is a BuzzFeed list of some of the Brazilian outlets worthy to support. Sometimes, it costs less than a beer/month. And here I've started a Twitter list of Brazilian journalists. It's still small, but maybe could be already useful.

Moreno Osório

| Bolsonaro was elected. Journalism was challenged. Breno Costa of BRIO wrote: "I'll be alert, and I'm sure a large group of experienced and newbies journalists will be alert too". | It will not be easy. Abraji counted 42 cases of violence against journalists during the election coverage. Yesterday, aides of the president elected stopped journalists of newspapers from a press conference. | Bolsonaro's Trump style goes beyond that. Just like US president, Bolsonaro seems to be assuming the strategy of saying nonsense in front of cameras and then deny his own words in his social networks profiles, saying news media is "fake news". | Leandro Demori, executive editor of The Intercept Brasil: "Journalism has to stop pretending it's not part of the game and it only exists to 'report the facts'". "With Bolsonaro, the language of “both sides” is redundant", wrote Jon Allsop (in English). It's getting clear: credibility isn't come from trying to be impartial. | During the election coverage, false content was shared at least 3.84 million times. Here are the top hoaxes (in English). | Be a journalist in Brazil will become an exhausting and dangerous profession. |

Paper of the week

Data of thesis and dissertations about journalism

This paper published last year in Estudos de Jornalismo e Mídia (Media and Journalism Studies) offers comprehensive data about journalism studies in Brazil from 1972 to 2015. The authors Felipe Simão Pontes and Gabriela Cavalcanti Carneiro de Almeida state that "about a quarter of the Brazilian research developed in Communication programs are about journalism", what make journalism not only a research field inside Communication Studies but also a "political-academic force". From 1972 to 2015 were produced 10,201 dissertations and 3,026 thesis in post-graduation Communication and Journalism programs in Brazil. Of this amount, 2,550 dissertations and 671 thesis are about journalism.

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