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What's next for Brazilian fact-checking: Finding a way to not generate false equivalences

Hey folks!

Last weeks of 2018. A little bit tired of journalism, I confess. Just looking forward to a couple of days at the beach, just observing the ocean (and running after my kid). But we still have some days ahead. And one more Brazilian Journalism Observatory. The last edition of the year is gonna be special: a summary of Jornalismo no Brasil em 2019 (Journalism in Brazil in 2019), a special feature in which 10 selected authors predicts the year ahead in Brazilian journalism. 

Stay tuned!

For now, I offer you some links still about the aftermath of Bolsonaro's victory and the possible repercussions for journalism. 

Moreno Osório

| The most deaths of journalists in Brazil has occurred outside big cities, where bloggers and radio broadcasters usually confront by themselves local power. Now, these people are not alone. A protection network was launched by NGOs and journalism representatives entities. | Nina Weingrill, a co-founder of ÉNóis, wrote an article about independent journalism after Bolsonaro's victory. In one hand, she criticizes Folha de S.Paulo marketing campaign. The newspaper says its newsroom does "professional" journalism - a statement that leaves out a lot of independent outlets which are doing a serious journalistic work, including ÉNóis. In the other hand, she underlines some numbers about - I'm naming here - "Bolsonaro Bump" - an increasing support to small, niche journalistic outlets after the victory of far-right politician. | The meaning of the silence of cultural journalism during Bolsonaro's term of office: "Silencing what is creative, new, reflective, and courageous is one of the greatest capital sins cultural journalism can do", wrote Franthiesco Ballerini. | "We have to find some way to portray reality in a way that we don’t generate false equivalencies", said fact-checker Tai Nalon from Aos Fatos on this article (in English) about the future of fact-checking in Brazil after 2018 elections. | To finish, an incredible multimedia feature about the war of drug gangs (in English) in Rio de Janeiro, by the Intercept Brasil. | 

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