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How Brazilian press will react to Bolsonaro?

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Two weeks after Bolsonaro victory, Brazilian journalism has a preview of what we'll have to face until 2022. By now, it looks like Trump communication strategy. But in a country where the press is more fragile economically than the US, maybe projects a scenario more similar to Hungary is not an exaggeration. It seems we're evaluating how to act. It's ok for now. But better to act fast then.

Moreno Osório

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| How Brazilian press will react to Bolsonaro? Mário Magalhães asks this question in this article. His text resumes the recent attacks of the president elected to the journalists and outlets. | In the first appearance of Bolsonaro in Congress after the elections, journalists were barred from a session in honor of the Constitution 30th anniversary. | Folha de S.Paulo's columnist Jânio de Freitas warns: not rise against intimidation is the first step towards domestication. | Folha de S.Paulo and Nexo have affirmed the commitment of their journalism with democracy. But maybe it will not be enough, said Pedro Burgos in this text. "We need more practical examples of how journalism changes society for the better", he wrote. | Here Rafael Cariello defends journalism should not behave as an opposition party. It's not a time for a cordial journalism - a reference to the "Cordial Man". | And here, Marcelo Träsel suggests journalism should embody fact-checking as a daily routine. | Gênero e Número (Gender and Number) is about to release a documentary about women arrested and tortured by Brazilian military dictatorship. | A movie: Mission 115. |

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