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27th of October 2021
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Dear Friends, 

A whole year passed since our last newsletter, which was again for the "First Extra Olive Oil".

Many things have happened since then, and many months were lost because of the long second lockdown in Greece (November 2020 - April 2021).

Projects stopped and others were postponed for the future. 
In those moments of full frustration, an exodus on the mountainsides and the villages were the only things that kept us afloat.
Like that period in the summer of 2013 when we started exploring the Spartan mountains and observing nature, we "gain our balance" back and kept on waiting for the better days.

And these days came back with the annual regeneration of the earth, after the long winter (Springtime).
Lockdown was history - again - and with new hopes, we started to "build our bridges" again with people.
You see, most of our friends in the mountains, aren't so social persons in today's digital era.
A call on their mobile phone or a text message is the most extreme form of communication that can disrupt their daily lives up there, where they keep on living in harmony with nature.
(note: and only when the network coverage is decent in such inaccessible areas where they live)

We had several months (or even more than a year) to see them, but it was like yesterday. 
They hugged us again with warmth and kindness and shared with us their news and stories.

We needed those breaths. 

Each time we were back in town, the depression (we guess like most places globally) was still present and strong.
The summer of '21 seemed to be a repetition of the previous year.
(That "grey summer" of '20 when hope has vanished again).
But then, all of sudden,  at the end of July, many people from abroad started to flow! 

The first smiles began to appear on the faces of a few and after a couple of weeks, the spirit of town was high again.
We made great new friends and we decided that we would never again let our spirit down.
August and September were full of joyful nights with healthy tasty food, great company, with interesting and new fascinating project ideas that came afloat. New friendships hammered.

We could write (and we will try to in the future newsletter) many pages about the old and new friends.
But for this one, we would like to introduce to you, a very special person, which honors us with his friendship.

Professor Demetrios Spandidos, a true Spartan and great scientist has and is always helping us with our projects.
A few days ago, he released his latest book,  "the cancer story" and gladly agreed to share it with all of us.
You can download it here for free
(For an alternative source, click on the photo below - it 's close to the end of the page)

And the last thing:   Back to the "First Evoo" project, if you haven't tried this amazing single variety Athinoelia olive oil, please consider this option. We know that it might seem kind of expensive (especially if you compare prices with other olive oils mostly in supermarkets).
But you have to keep in mind, that it's one of the mythical rare ancient varieties (with all the extra special properties of such quality Evoo, which you can find and read in medical papers).
The crop is always limited and the last remaining farmers who are still holding the old tradition depend on us. The shipping and delivery of the 5lt can handle via a special deal with a private company, in order to get it fast and enjoy it till its last drop.

Wish you a wonderful November!
From  still summerish Sparta
Jehny, George and James (Mitsos)
More than 2500 years old "Athinoelia" Olive tree,  outside Sparta
Imagine that this marvel of Nature was there before Parthenon!

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