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                                                           31 March 2018
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Dear Friends, 

We feel that the time has come for a new fantastic adventure.
Therefore, this newsletter differs than the rest, because:
After three years of planning and preparations, we created our new Project.
                                                 "The Spartan Home"

        More than ever, now It's the best time to Plan Your Trip to Sparta!

Superb view of Sparta from the Ancient Theater (Winter Photo)

Have you ever contemplated popping over to Sparta and enjoy
the marvels of our lands with all your senses?

Quite a few of you have asked us whether this would be possible and we started making plans for that. Out of these plans came "The Spartan Home" - self-catering holiday lodgings

Your Sparta lodgings measure 30 m2 and are in the city centre. The single room flat is fully furnished and located in one of the 2 main roads.
It makes thus the ideal base for your exploration into our mythical land.
The flat sleeps 2 people comfortably and there is a second “double bed” by using the couch.




The Old Museum of Sparta (Spring Photo)

What does it cost?

We are sure that the first thing that comes in Your mind is: "How I can get this chance?”
Well,  it’s very easy!
The price for a stay at "The Spartan Home" is US$ 70.00 per night, and it includes a whole-hearted Greek breakfast for 2 people with our family at our place which is close by.
And you as our trusted friends will enjoy a rebate of US$ 10, which means US$ 60.00 per night only

This is our Family Table for very Special Occasions - When we 're welcoming Friends like You!

And this is not the only good news. Actually they are just starting:

By buying US$ 120.00 (excludes shipping) of products from our Etsy store, you get 2 nights for free including breakfast for 2 people.

You want to stay even longer on the house? By buying products from our Etsy store for US$ 180.00 you will be entitled to 3 nights for 2 people on the house including breakfast!

What if I want to stay more nights?
You simply buy extra nights at your special rate of US$ 60.00 per night for 2 people including breakfast.

Statue of the Legendary Lawgiver of Sparta - Lycurgus (Spring photo)

Promotional period:
The above promotion lasts from May 1st, 2018 to December 31, 2018.
The free nights must be taken up by end of 2019.
Your Sparta lodgings are rented out on a first-come-first serve basis and of course you as our trusted friends get preference whenever possible.


Cape Tenaro - One of Europe’s southernmost points (Summer photo)

But even if You don't want to get any products (yet), 
there's one more way to get free accommodation and a reason to visit Sparta.

By "Adopting Your Olive Tree" in our family groves!
With Your Unique Olive Tree, You 'll create an Eternal Bond with Sparta.

When do we welcome you and your spouse or partner in Sparta?
Warmest  regards 
Jehny, George and family

Our Family Groves at the enter of Sparta - Natural farming only  (Autumn photo)

Recipe of the Month - Recipe of Life! 
Use our "Infused extra virgin olive oil" and "balsamic vinegars" created especially for "The Spartan Table"

Get our PROMO Pack here
Chicken Salad with Strawberry and Loquat salsa
(featuring our "Lemon Infused Olive Oil & Mango Balsamic")

Six strawberries cleaned and diced
12 loquats, cleaned, skinned and diced
One small red onion diced
the juice of 1/2 lime
1 tbsp. "The Spartan Table Lemon Infused Olive oil."
3 tbsp. "The Spartan Table Mango Balsamic"
Chopped parsley (optional)
Chicken breast
Step 1. Combine all ingredients and toss with "The Spartan Table Lemon Infused Olive oil" and "The Spartan Table Mango Balsamic."
Step 2.  Refrigerate for 1 hour.
Step 3.  Cut the Chicken Breast into strips and lightly breaded with bread crumbs, paprika, natural sea salt, and pepper.
Step 4.  Sautee in a pan with some "The Spartan Table Extra Virgin Olive oil".
 Step 5. Set aside. Clean and drain lettuce.
Step 6.  Add sauteed chicken and salsa.
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Sparta 23100

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