The Spartan Table Ceramic Bottle – filled with our Extra virgin olive oil for free

                                                           31 January 2020
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Dear Friends, 

It's been almost 2 years since we released our last newsletter.

Since then we have started some new projects but soon we felt we had to focus on just one.

Our Hand made Ceramic Bottle.

We know that You might be too busy to read a kind of more a report than a newsletter, but we urge You to devote a few minutes reading it.

Our Hand-made Ceramic Bottle  -  specially made for our family’s table
Do you value your and your family’s health?

Read here how you could add to your and your family’s health right away by serving them water from your EM-ceramic bottle

Imagine, you’re sitting down for dinner at the family table. And suddenly your kids and your significant other start praising you on the softness and the spring water taste of the water on the table. What did you do to the water? It tastes so good!

This is no fairy tale. Exactly this I heard from George, from my kids and from the many guests at our family’s table when they had tasted the water from our new EM-ceramic bottle. The beauty of the thing is that it does not take any special machinery or expensive filters to enhance the taste of your tap water.

I know you wonder what is EM ceramic?  Well, in the 1970s Japanese university professor Teruo Higa discovered by accident that microorganisms preferring an airy environment can live in perfect harmony with those preferring an air-less environment. Both kinds enhance their beneficial properties by living in perfect harmony. That’s how EM Effective Microorganisms were discovered. These microorganisms are found in yeast to name just one example. Today, Professor Higa’s discovery is widely used in agriculture and gardens. EMs strengthen plants and help the soil regenerate. Some years ago Higa and his team of researchers and users have found a way to imprint the beneficial properties of EM on clay. And it is this clay which is used to individually hand-make your EM ceramic bottle.

We made a limited number of these bottles. In our family we use them to store our extra virgin olive oil and our table water. Gone are the days of having to drink water smelling of chlorine. Just put tap water in the bottle and let the EMs do their work by setting the filled bottle on a table top for some 2 hours.

Please order your own EM-ceramic bottle right away. Supplies are limited.

With the hope of having enhanced your and your family’s health, I’m sending you

best regards from Sparti
Jehny Koniditsioti

PS   You may want to visit EMRO Japan’s website for additional information on EM Microorganisms (



The Spartan Table Ceramic Bottle – filled with extra virgin olive oil for free

In Practise

For example, fill tap water into our Ceramic EM bottle, and leave it for approximately 2 hours stand.
Chlorine will evaporate and other negative compounds will dissolve.
The water becomes noticeably softer and the quality of a mountain spring water.
You can now use it neat or for all food and drinks.

Hand-made Ceramic Bottle  -  turn the taste of tap water into spring water

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