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Like the blossom on our trees, all the new plans and ideas Charlene told us about in last month's Bubble are now starting to flourish and we can all start taking advantage of them.
WBII officeOpen Office

The first new event on the agenda is WBII's Open Office on 10 May. As far as I'm aware this is the first WBII 'borrel' and will give the Board the opportunity to show off the great work done on the WBII office.

Drinks, nibbles and good company - what more could you ask for? And all free of charge (but do please register if you plan to come along).

WBII has also opened up new collaborations with other business and women's organisations in The Hague. A prime example is our new collaboration with Webster University to organise the Start Your Own Business (SYOB) workshop - 3 seminars for internationals (both women and men) who want to  The next SYOB is in just a couple of days, on 9 May.

Women in Innovation and Leadership
Another very exciting new collaboration is with Women in Innovation and Leadership - a Hague based, female student association of University College Leiden – with whom we are organising this month's network event on 23 May. See all the details below.

May network event 23 May

Collaborating to inspire & mentor with Natalie Drake

Natali DrakeIn collaboration with Women in Innovation and Leadership we are happy to announce the 2nd of 2 events planned for 2019.

During this event Natali Drake will discuss the importance of 'Storytelling in Business' - from its roots as the very first form of communication, to how it can benefit your organisation and your personal brand.

NB: Instead of our usual networking at the Carlton Ambassador hotel, this month we are collaborating with W.I.L. and the event will be held at their location on Stille Veerkade!

Doors open: 18:00
Register now!

Did you miss our last networking event What is Female Power and how can we use it effectively by Manuela Damant?

Not to worry, read this great review by Lisa Hall.

Manuela’s own beginnings as a Risk & Insurance Advisor took her on a journey through the steps shown in the Heroine’s Journey.

She started looking for her purpose after realising there was more to life than toiling night and day in a highly successful job. She escaped to work as a coach some 15 years ago and is now focused on encouraging women to embrace their innate leadership skills to create a better world.
Read the rest of the review of the WBII website....

Charlene's Bubble

Get Ready for European Elections
Democracy, diversity, and equal representation of all EU citizens are at the heart of the EU’s founding principles, and gender equality is one of the core values of the EU and a top priority for European women entrepreneurs.  In addition, under Goal Number 5 of the United Nations Global Sustainability Goals, Gender Equality is recognized as one of the 17 key issues that need to be addressed to achieve global sustainability.  Entrepreneurship is an exciting and viable career path for women of all ages, from all walks of life, and at any stage of their career journey. To successfully launch a business, it is critical for women to have access to the right tools, expertise, resources, and networks.
Global economic opportunity
According to a recent report from McKinsey, empowering women to participate equally in the global economy could add $28 trillion to GDP growth by 2025. Societies with greater gender equality offer not only better socio-economic opportunities for women, but also tend to grow faster and more equitably. Given the immense benefits that this group can potentially offer, it is unfortunate that there is currently no specific strategy with clear goals and objectives to foster women’s entrepreneurship, at either the EU or Dutch levels.
Digital Gap
Another recent study, this one by the EU entitled ‘Women in the Digital Age’, shows that only 24 of every 1000 female graduates have an ICT-related study, and of these, only 6 end up going on to work in the digital sector.  WBII’s recent ‘Digital Starters’ Week-end’ demonstrated how women entrepreneurs could focus on topics of specific interest to women, and how by having more female participants in this sector, we can help solve problems that are facing our society. This huge gap for women digital entrepreneurs is of immediate and particular importance to our society and our welfare. 
Key Barriers
As a member of WEP – the European Women Entrepreneurship Platform – WBII supports actions to promote inclusive female entrepreneurship.  Currently, only 30% of European entrepreneurs are female.  Education, stereotypes, lack of confidence, work-life balance, and difficulties accessing finance and business networks are some of the key barriers that have been found to be holding women back.  We all have important roles in helping to
overcome these barriers, including governments, companies, financial, educational, and research institutions, and entrepreneurs themselves.
Gender Budgeting
One way of helping to move us forward is for governments to implement gender budgeting in all planning and programmes. Well-structured fiscal and gender-responsive policies and programmes can only help benefit us all.
Reflect and Vote
With the European elections coming up on May 23 in the Netherlands, and depending on where you vote, up to May 26, now is the ideal time to reflect on this topic, review party platforms, and ask questions to select representatives who will take actions to move us forward.  The topic of ‘women’s entrepreneurship’ crosses all political party boundaries, and there are representatives in nearly all parties – both men and women - who recognize the benefits of supporting women to start and run their own businesses.
For those of you who are eligible to vote in the upcoming elections, please take the time to read up on the party platforms and candidates who are interested in women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship, dedicated to speaking out on these topics, and support the necessary changes. The moving EU ‘Choose your future’ video explains why it matters.
Open House, Friday 10 May (this Friday!)
To continue this discussion, or just for fun, please join us at our upcoming Open Office Borrel!


Member Events & Notices

The Center for Healthy Mamas needs your input!

Are you a holistic, health oriented professional with mamas as your target group? Or a health oriented mama yourself? Then I’m looking for your support!

For what? A one time focus group/brainstorm session to support the development of "The Center for Healthy Mamas”(see picture).

Coming in 2020 to The Hague! Want in? Or just want to ask some questions? Call me, Johanne Bade! 06-37559167.

Workshops Feng Shui and Essential Oils

Feng Shui is a philosophy that explains how to arrange your home to achieve harmony and balance. It shows how to create good energy flow in your house, how to choose harmonious colors and combinations of materials, where to place the furniture, artworks and plants.

In May Darina from Feng Shui Design offers 3 workshops on 3 different beautiful locations:
18 May: 15.00 – 17.00  at Concept Store Cosy Cosas in Rijswijk
19 May: 12.45 -  14.15 at Saktiisha Yoga Festival in the centre of The Hague
26 May: 13.00 – 14.30  at  Omana at Oscars at the beach in Scheveningen

Darina will share with you the basic principles of Feng Shui and how to apply them practically in your home.

You will gain insight into:
  • how specific parts of your house can positively or negatively affect your mood
  • how to avoid common interior design mistakes that can negatively affect your attitude and energy level
  • how to arrange your bedroom for a deep nourishing sleep
Detail information

New Members

Welcome to one new member this month!

Aurélie Milhès
- Food and beverages manages at IKEA.

Aurélie Milhès
'My missions are to develop my business by setting the right strategy and maintain the focus on food safety and customers.'

Thanks to Johanne Bade for this month's Top Tip
Dare to share! You never know what opportunities will come your way :)
Context: In sharing about my new project (which is big and scary) I’ve been continually surprised by the positive and collaborative offers that keep coming my way!

The latest example? Someone offering to write subsidy requests to help me make a flying start!

Got a top business tip you'd like to share?
Drop me a line at and I'll include it in the next WISE.

Upcoming Business & Networking Events

10 May - Connecting Women networking event - Den Haag
16 May - BitterBallenBorrel - Rotterdam
24 May - Haags Ondernemers Huis: Coffee Pitch - The Hague
28 May - BitterBallenBorrel - Den Haag
29 May - Haagse Vrouwenzaken worksho: Passie voor promotie - The Hague
5 June - Haagsche Business Club Speeddating - The Hague

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