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Message from the editor

We're barely 2 weeks into the new year and already my diary is starting to fill up with networking meetings, business development events and a steady trickle of projects. So although the long, cold month of January is more conducive to staying indoors with a large cup of tea and a good book, I find myself planning appointments, working to deadlines and generally getting straight back into the swing of running a business.

Looking at the number of events taking place this month, WBII is no different. We not only have our monthly networking event on 23 January with Nicoline Huizinga (see below), WBII is also collaborating with the New Year - New You workshops starting on 17 January organised by Dovile Corrigan and Manuela Damant from Azkua. 

At the end of the month, on 30 January, there's the Girl Power exhibition visit honouring Dutch female athletes and their accomplishments, and in the very first days of February Darina Veen and her group of volunteers will be attending the Feel at Home Fair in The Hague (the details are below).

And that's without all the other events and announcements on our website and, for members only, our Facebook group page. On FB particularly, we introduce new services, goods and projects, share ideas and interact with each other.

With all this going on, there's barely time to read this newsletter!

January network event on 23 January

For this first network event of 2020, we are very pleased to introduce Nicoline Huizinga who will talk to us about The Roadmap to Confident & Consistent Visibility

Nicoline Huizinga
Nicoline Huizinga is a Dutch certified, self-employed confidence and visibility strategist, coach, speaker and author of the book ‘Flick the F*ck It Switch’. 

In her talk, Nicoline will cover:

  • The basic elements you need in order to stand out from your competitors
  • How to make your message stick with your audience
  • How you can be strategically authentic without feeling you have to share everything
  • How to work your confidence muscle on a daily basis
  • What types of content will help you boost your visibility
  • How to choose the best online & live platform for you to thrive on
Register now!

Location: Carlton Ambassador Hotel, The Hague
Doors open: 19:00
Presentation starts: 19:30 and plenty of time to network afterwards.

Member 10-minute highlight


Want to practice your pitch with a 10-minute presentation?

The WBII network event offers you a great opportunity to present yourself and your business. Amongst friends, you'll receive positive feedback, support and, who knows, maybe that one connection that will lead to something great!

Take the plunge and tell us all about your business. Send an email to the WBII board if you'd like to give a presentation -

Charlene's Bubble

2020 isn’t only about eyesight!
Welcome back, and Happy 2020!

While ‘20/20’ is a term used to measure normal visual acuity, January 2020 for entrepreneurs must also be the perfect moment to fine-tune our ‘business vision’, and align our mission and strategy to ensure that they can be implemented for another successful year and thereafter.

What is a Vision Statement?
Vision is the guiding light of a company, without which we could end up wandering down a murky business path without clear ways forward. It sets out the ‘why’ of the organization, and gives us a strong idea of where we want to go in the future.

Without a clear vision and Vision Statement, we can become distracted and sidetracked from our main purpose, losing time and energy in areas that are not compatible with our corporate purpose. With limited bandwidth, and always on the lookout for new opportunities, entrepreneurs may be particularly vulnerable to the adverse effects of lack of Vision.

Some say that it may be easier to define a Vision Statement by what it’s not! For example, it’s not a Mission Statement, which is written in the present tense, and gives your organization the main idea of where you are going, as an extension of where you already are. It’s also not a Strategy, which sets out specifically what you are going to achieve, how you will do it, and when you expect to get results.

Read the rest of my Bubble on the WBII website....

Feel at Home Fair in The Hague

Mark Sunday 2 February 2020 in your diary!
That's when WBII will once again be participating in the Feel at Home Fair in The Hague.

Date:        Sunday 2 February 11:00 – 17:00
Location: The Hague City Hall

This is an excellent opportunity for networking and making your business visible, you’ll find exciting opportunities and business challenges.

We have again negotiated a fantastic deal for WBII members!
If you want to have your own small business stand, as a WBII member you will receive a 10% discount on the €250 ex BTW fee. Book quickly so you can still get a stand!

Or even better - go to the the Fair for free!
We also need volunteers to help us during the day on the stand.
Contact our Fair coordinator: 
Darina Veen.
Tickets: Free when pre-registering on the Fair website.

For more information on who will be presenting at the Fair or how you can participate as a sponsor or stand holder, please explore the website:

New members

Welcome to two new members.
Ugne Marchionno of Aim to WOW
Ugne Marchionno is a Creative Growth Strategist specialised in Marketing and Social Media.
Jo Parfitt of Summertime Publishing
As an author, mentor and teacher, Jo's motto is ‘sharing what I know to help others to grow’. She runs a free monthly Writers’ Circle in The Hague, workshops and writing retreats.

Member events and notices

Free writing lesson, anyone?

Jo Parfitt, has devised a programme to help you write and preserve your precious memories and family stories, turning them into a lasting legacy.
Inspired by the Japanese art of kintsugi, whereby a broken jar is glued back together using golden glue, Jo believes that the ‘pieces’ that make us who we are represent our stories. It is the sharing of our stories with the page that creates big magic.

Visit Jo’s website to sign up to receive a free taster lesson and try The Life Story Jar programme for yourself.
For monthly writing tips, sign up to Jo’s popular Monthly Inspirer blog at the same time.

Workshop Feng Shui & Essential Oils
On 25 January, Darina Veen is holding a Fresh Start Feng Shui & Essential Oils workshop.

Every space has an energy field. And the energy field of your home has a huge impact on the way you feel and your motivation to act.

Join this amazing workshop and discover how Feng Shui can shift a stagnant, uncomfortable environment into a space full of joy, harmony and prosperity.

Registration and more information

Deborah Valentine has informed us of ACCESS' Childbirth Preparation Course for couples. Held throughout the year, the course costs €265 for a one-day course, and €295 for a 5 or 6 evening weekday course.

More information, including dates, times and locations is on the ACCESS website.

Upcoming Business & Networking Events

21 January - BitterBallenBorrel - Rotterdam
21 January - Amsterdam American Business Club network event - Amsterdam
23 January - Haagse Vrouwenzaken network meeting - The Hague
6 February - BitterBallenBorrel - Leiden

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